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25 Struggles Anyone Going Through Final Exams Will Understand

25 Struggles Anyone Going Through Final Exams Will Understand

25 Struggles Anyone Going Through Final Exams Will Understand

The most dreadful time of the semester is quickly approaching! FINALS WEEK! No matter how far in advance you start studying or how well you are already doing in the class, finals week is an absolute struggle…but hey we’re all in this together right? Here are a few struggles that anyone going through final exams will totally understand.

1. Wondering what grade you need to get on the final in order to pass/do well in the class.

Regardless of how well (or not so well) you are doing in a class, you always wonder how much the final exam is going to impact your grade. For some classes, your grade on the final exam may make or break your grade in the class, and it’s super stressful to be under the pressure of having to achieve a certain grade!

2. Wondering why you didn’t withdraw or drop this class.

Although I’m sure this thought has occurred multiple times throughout the semester, the thought ‘Why didn’t I drop this class?’ is definitely one that is had, come finals time! Although a class may be difficult or you may not like it, push through and study hard!

25 Struggles Anyone Going Through Final Exams Will Understand

3. Wishing you started studying a lot sooner instead of cramming!

Cramming is probably the worst, and most ineffective way to study! It also makes you a lot more stressed so try to start studying as far in advance as possible so that come finals week you are reviewing the material instead of relearning it! If you must cram, good luck!

4. Being extra thankful for final exams that are not cumulative!

Professors that do not give cumulative final exams are like the college equivalent to your fairy godmother. There’s nothing worse than trying to study a semester’s worth of material in one week, but with that said,

25 Struggles Anyone Going Through Final Exams Will Understand

5. HATING on professors who make their final exams cumulative.

Some- and depending on your classes – maybe most, professors make their finals cumulative and this is the WORST. Trying to study or cram an entire semester’s worth of material is a recipe for stress and mental breakdowns. This is the ULTIMATE struggle.

6. The all too rare but greatly appreciated open book final exams.

If you’re lucky enough to have an open book final exam or you’re allowed to bring a cheat sheet into your exam be VERY thankful! If you study even just a little bit you may find that you hardly even need your book!

25 Struggles Anyone Going Through Final Exams Will Understand

7. Wondering how you got stuck with having a final on the last day…during the last time slot.

Having a final exam on the last day in the last time slot of finals week is the absolute worst. After stressing and studying all week, all you want to do is pack up and go home and sleep for the next month, but with a final on the last day, you’ll be one of the last people on campus 🙁

8. Feeling like your new home is the library.

During finals week, everyone might as well abandon their dorms and move right into the library. With extended study hours during finals week, a big majority – if not all – of your time will be spent in the library. Although it might not be the most fun, it is a good place to get work done.

25 Struggles Anyone Going Through Final Exams Will Understand


9. Running out of coffee and money for coffee.

Late night cramming sessions definitely call for a lot of coffee. With that said running out of coffee is definitely a struggle, and running out of money for coffee is even more of a struggle. Make sure you save some money for coffee because you’ll need it!

10. Looking and feeling like you haven’t slept in a month.

Finals week will leave you feeling sleep deprived and if the end of the semester didn’t leave you looking sleep deprived, finals week definitely will. Don’t worry though, everyone is in the same boat and will feel your pain/exhaustion.

25 Struggles Anyone Going Through Final Exams Will Understand


11. Trying to find an empty table at the library.

The library is everyone’s go-to study spot during finals week and it will be crowded. If you can’t find a spot in the library, try to find another quiet place to study – local coffee shops, study lounges, etc. If you’re lucky enough to find a spot in the library take full advantage of it!

12. Trying to find a quiet place to study.

With so many students cramming for final exams it might be hard to find a quiet place to study. If you find a place that works for you stick with it! Since warm weather is upon us maybe find a quiet place outside!

25 Struggles Anyone Going Through Final Exams Will Understand

13. Juggling studying for all of your classes.

If you’re a student with a heavy course load, you’ll most likely have a lot of finals to study for. The best thing to do is to start studying in advance so you aren’t cramming, and study for your tests in the order that you will be taking them. This is a great way to make sure you study enough for all of your classes.

14. Trying to stay calm under stress

Finals week is such a stressful time, and finding ways to de-stress can be a little difficult when everyone is so tense. Check into activities that your campus offers like therapy dogs or massages, and try to make time for a workout! Working out and taking a few minutes to relax are great ways to de-stress.


15. Waiting for finals to be over so you can finally relax!

With the hype of the end of finals week and the end of the semester, it can be tempting to slack off and abandon all responsibilities, but make the big push until the end and study hard. The results and relaxation will be 110% worth it!

16. Wondering why finals even exist.

Those late night study sessions in the library can get you wondering, WHY DO FINALS EVEN EXIST. Although we may not like them, we do have to suffer through them, and sometimes doing well on a final can really boost your grade.

25 Struggles Anyone Going Through Final Exams Will Understand

17. Contemplating whether or not you should just drop out of college.

Contemplating dropping out of college is a common thought that every college student has, especially during finals week. Just remember it WILL all be worth it when you have a great job one day!

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18. Embracing the motto “C’s get degrees!”

Sometimes you just have to embrace the motto “C’s get degrees”. College is far from easy and you can’t expect to get perfect grades all of the time, especially during finals week. So if embracing this motto will help ease the pressure of finals, embrace it.


19. Having several mental breakdowns.

Mental breakdowns might just be fully associated with finals week. The stress will get to you but do as much as you can to prevent it. If you’re having a mental breakdown, relax, breathe and remember that your grade in one class won’t make or break your college career.

20. Not putting effort into eating healthy or dressing nice because who has time for that?

During finals week, all effort is dedicated to studying. It’s ok to abandon your healthy eating habits because you’re under a lot of pressure and stress. If a cupcake will prevent your mental breakdown, go for it. Dressing nice during finals week is also a rare occurrence. Who has the energy to put effort into getting ready after studying all night?

25 Struggles Anyone Going Through Final Exams Will Understand

21. Feeling like you are not mentally capable of studying any longer.

After spending hours studying away in the library, you reach a point where you feel like your brain is about to explode. When your studying session gets to this point, it’s time to go back to your room and focus on something else for a while… or at least take a mini break!

22. Being overwhelmed by material.

Studying for multiple finals or cumulative finals can feel super overwhelming and you can start to feel like you’re trying to learn an encyclopedia rather than study for exams, but take it one test at a time and study in short bursts rather than all at once.


23. Finding groups to study with!

Studying in groups can be super helpful because your peers may understand a concept you don’t or vice versa! Try to find people in your classes that you can study with but make sure you are actually studying and not just procrastinating!

24. Finding time to power nap.

Never underestimate the power of a good power nap, especially not during finals week. If you nap for just the right amount of time (not too long, not to short), you will wake up feeling re-energized and refreshed and ready to study some more!

25 Struggles Anyone Going Through Final Exams Will Understand

25. The AMAZING feeling of relief and ability to relax/sleep after finals are over!

The best feeling after finals week is being DONE! Yes, you will reach the point when you are DONE with finals! When this time comes, enjoy and relax! Oh and of course catch up on your sleep.

How do you deal with your final exams? Let us know in the comments!

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