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20 Strikingly Unique Christmas Wreath Ideas

20 Strikingly Unique Christmas Wreath Ideas

These Christmas wreath ideas are unique enough to have any of your guests loving them this holiday season! Here are some of the best!

Are you a craft wiz or someone who wants to practice more DIY in the house? This Christmas, why not create your own Christmas wreath to hang for all your friends, family and neighbours to see? It’s perfect to do with your partner or if you’re in a festive mood. See our 20 strikingly unique Christmas wreath ideas below for inspiration.

1. Felt

Not the traditional kind of person when it comes to Christmas? Don’t worry! This felt wreath is perfect for sewing lovers. All you’ll need is a foam wreath, a sewing kit and some felt! This is one of the best Christmas wreath ideas!

2. Pom Pom

If you’re really crafty or want your nieces and nephews to help you this Christmas, why not create a pom pom wreath? It’s super easy and there’s tons of online tutorials on how to make them!


3. Knitted

Are you a knitter? Well all those knitting skills will come in handy this Christmas. Why not knit your very own Christmas wreath? With loads of patterns and colours to choose from, you can create your own unique wreath this year!

4. Pine Cones

This simple yet elegant look would be perfect for a Winter’s night hanging on the front door. It’s a super cheap idea too! Just pick up some pine cones, dry them out, buy a spray can and voila! You have yourself a snowy pine cones wreath!

5. Gingerbread

Love cookies? And gingerbread? Then look no further! This easy gingerbread wreath is perfect for any gingerbread lover. Just be careful not to eat your wreath!


6. Christmas Decorations

Do you love Christmas decorations? It’s hard not to chuck all of your ornaments onto the tree so why not use the rest to decorate your own unique Christmas wreath? You’re guaranteed to have the coolest wreath in town. And why not chuck some tinsel on there while you’re at it?

7. Baubles

If you have lots of odd baubles in the Christmas box – and let’s face it, we all do – then why not create a super cool bauble wreath? Have the most shiny wreath in the neighbourhood this Christmas!

8. Ribbons

Have you wrapped all your gifts but you find you have leftover ribbons and bows? No problem! Just use them to make your wreath! A very cool project for anyone with leftover wrapping supplies.


9. Presents

How cool is this present wreath? All you’ll need are some empty boxes and ribbon to make this strikingly unique Christmas wreath!

10. Reindeer

Want the most unique wreath out there this Christmas? Then make this reindeer wreath, complete with bows, antlers and even a nose! It’s such a simply made piece that will be very popular.

11. Lights

Want to go all out this Christmas? Grab some colourful bulbs and get gluing!


12. Candy Cane

Do you have a sweet tooth? Make a candy cane wreath – it’s super easy and quick to make while making your door look festive!

13. Pipes

This decorative pipe wreath is easy to glue together and you can even decorate it by painting or hiding baubles in the holes!

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14. Snowman

Two wreaths are better than one, surely? A super easy twined snowman wreath will have you beaming with pride at your creation.

15. Buttons

It may be hard work gluing or sewing hundreds of buttons, but look how pretty this wreath is when it’s complete! There are so many colours and button types to choose from when making your very own button wreath.

16. Rustic

If you’re more of a traditional person when it comes to Christmas, then why not make this rustic wreath with pines cones and Clementine’s?


17. Needle Felt

Have you always wanted to learn needle felting but you don’t know where to start? There’s a reason to learn now with this super cute robin wreath. People will stop and marvel at your creation!

18. Nativity

Make a nativity scene with this unique Christmas wreath idea. With tons of felt and scenes to choose from, your creation will be unique.

19. Twelve Days Of Christmas

If you’re a fan of the song Twelve Days of Christmas, then this unique wreath idea is perfect for you! Using mostly felt, you’ll be able to make a gorgeous Christmas wreath to show off to your friends. This is one of the Christmas wreath ideas we love!


20. Stars

Lastly, if you’re looking for an easy but strikingly unique Christmas wreath, then make a star one. Using a cookie cutter, create your cardboard stars and paint them, gluing them onto your wreath.

We hope you take some ideas away from this article and make something wonderful this Christmas! What are your favorite Christmas wreath ideas? Are you going to try any of these Christmas wreath ideas? Tell us in the comments!
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