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13 Stress Relief Activities To Try During Midterms

13 Stress Relief Activities To Try During Midterms

Midterms and Finals are probably one of the most stressful times for young adults and it’s something that so many of us have to go through. You probably can’t wait till midterms are over and feel like it’s the end of the world when you’re in the middle of it but it’s okay. You’ll get through it and to make this time feel a lot easier we’ll here to give you 13 activities to try to help destress during these times.

1. Bubble Bath

This is for those who aren’t living in a dorm but have off-campus student housing or their own apartment during college with their own private bathroom. Light a candle that has eucalyptus and mint or some type of essential soothing oil in it because if you have a nice calming fragrance it’ll help you relax. Set that off to the side and turn on the tub add bubbles or bath salts and just soak in there for a while. Put a face mask on and your hair in a bun and enjoy thirty or so minutes of just calming nothingness. Turn on a white noise machine or a podcast or your favorite show. Take some time before you continue studying. Add a bath bomb or dried flower petals.

13 Stress Relief Activities To Try During Midterms


2. Good Nights Sleep

This might sound like a cliche to you but I promise it’s not. If you’re overdoing it you’re just going to crash and your body, soul, and ming need to rest. If you’re feeling tired it’s not always good to continue studying throughout the night just because you feel you have to. If you really feel like you need to turn on a lecture of what you’re studying and fall asleep to that as your white noise. If you don’t retain any of that lecture whilst drifting off too sleep at least you’ll wake up feeling refreshed. Once you’re up and ready your brain is ready to learn more and you’ll have the strength to continue without crashing.

3. Rewards System

A rewards system allows mini-breaks throughout the day to keep you going. Let’s say if you get an 80 or above on the practice quiz you can watch an episode of criminal minds. After an hour of studying without breaking concentration go and get yourself a cup of coffee or lunch. These little rewards will keep you going throughout the day, week, or however long you plan on studying for midterms.

4. Meditation

Self-care is extremely important and meditation is so you can achieve a clear and focused state of mind. This will help you prepare yourself for the next chapter or a different subject that you’re ready to tackle. Meditation will distress and allow you to take those worries away or at least make it seem not so bad.


13 Stress Relief Activities To Try During Midterms

5. Your Hobby

A hobby is a good way distress especially if it’s something that you do every day. If you’re a painter go ahead and pull out that canvas. If you play video games spend some time beating the next round of the game. A hobby is a good way to center yourself during midterms.

6. Enjoy a Healthy Meal

It’s so easy to be in the rush of midterms and go through the drive-thru because it’s fast and ask for a burger and fries but that’s not what you should be doing. Go to your favorite cafe and order a salad that you live for with a smoothie. Emotional eating is a thing and you have to treat your body good so it can act like a well-oiled machine. If you fill it with junk you might have a harder time focusing and studying again. A good, crisp, and fresh meal will make you feel happy, be happier, and get ready to refocus. Meal prep healthy snacks so when you’re hungry you don’t have to worry everything is done and ready for you. One less thing for you to have to worry about.


13 Stress Relief Activities To Try During Midterms

7. Group Study

Group study might not seem like a stress-relief activity for us but it might put your mind at ease to know that your peers are struggling with the same topics that you are as well. This also gives you a chance to ask about topics, questions, and subjects that you don’t seem to understand. They might help you understand what you’re not getting and vice-versa. It could be better to talk your anxieties out with someone that understands.

13 Stress Relief Activities To Try During Midterms

8. Organization

Stay organized and plan out what days you’re going to study what subjects and block out different parts that you need to study or what you know will be on the test. This will give you a sense of control and allow you to prepare for the midterms so you have less stress thinking you don’t know if you covered X subject on the topic you’re covering. Keep all your notes and flashcards in one place so if you decide to revisit something you don’t have to scramble to find where it is at.

13 Stress Relief Activities To Try During Midterms

9. Coloring

You probably have seen those adult stress relief coloring books. It takes some time but really allows you to focus as you zero in on the intricate or funny picture you’re coloring in.

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13 Stress Relief Activities To Try During Midterms

10. Massage

Get a massage done to really get the tension from out of your shoulders and back. I bet while you were studying you were hunched over a computer or textbook allowing the tension to stay in your shoulder creating knots. Pay for a masseuse and go to their clinic and just lay down and allow them to massage and take out the knots in your back. Maybe even purchase their calming face mask they’re trying to sell you.

11. Breathe

This is good if you’re short on time and it only takes about one or two minutes. Take a moment to calm down even if it’s for a little bit. This is a highly said stress relief activity but it’s great for those who are crunched on time. Take a deep breath in and exhale. Repeat a few more times before going back to your textbook.

12. Scenery

Focus on sensory pleasure. If you’re stuck in a cramped dim-lit room for hours at a time change it to your happy place. If you like sitting near a tree that has shades do that. Get a picnic blanket and go to the beach and bring your textbook with you. This allows you to calm down and continue studying.

13 Stress Relief Activities To Try During Midterms

13. Mental Problem-Solving

Studying can cause mental stress so focus your brain on something else that will still make it focus but isn’t that hard. Work on Suduko or a crossword puzzle. It keeps your mind from sticking to the same problem over and over again and it gives it a different roadblock to get over. Once you’re done with this your brain might be prepared to cross over the last question you were having problems with.

Good luck with your midterms and remember everything is in perspective. So stop, relax, refresh and get to it again.