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Street Wear Brands To Keep Your Eyes On

Street Wear Brands To Keep Your Eyes On

Sometimes it’s nice to add more to your closet than just the basics. Street wear brands have so much to offer for your everyday fit. Street wear clothing is what you wear when you want to dress to impress. It’s the type of clothing that is flashy but in the “where did you get that?” kind of way. 

1. Pleasures

Pleasures has the best clothing. Some of it is kind of out there, but when you find the right outfit it goes hard. They have new drops often and their Instagram is showcases everything they have perfectly. Pleasures has an edgy vibe to it that makes you come back for more. Once you get one piece from them you will find yourself coming back to the website to see if it’s been updated. Their stuff is different but in the best ways possible.


2. Chinatown Market

Chinatown Market draws you in simply by their online persona. They are the coolest group of people who consistently interact with their customers on social media. It’s a cool feeling to somewhat build a relationship with these people via Twitter or Instagram because when you buy on of their products it’s a fun thing to share with them. Their clothing is very fun. With things ranging from slides to full sweat suits, you are bound to find something. They have multiple drops a day that sometimes sell out very quick so make sure that you have their post notifications on. Something that’s also super cool about this street wear brand is that on Twitter, the “Twitter Guy” does a lot of giveaways. And these giveaways are either something that is about to come out or previously sold out. They share with their customers while also encouraging you to support their small business. These guys are rad.

3. By Seaggs

This is a very small business but it’s absolutely amazing. You can find him on Instagram making one of a kind hoodies. He makes everything himself which makes his drops such a hot commodity. He is so proud of his work which also makes supporting his brand that much more special. And, if you  get truly invested in his brand and what he does, on Tik Tok, he shows you how he makes his hoodies. Supporting small business is one of the best things, especially when you find random street wear brands no one knows about. While Seaggs hoodies are expensive you absolutely get what you pay for. Quality is A+.


4. Supreme

A very well known brand for street wear junkies. Supreme doesn’t let it’s customers down though. With their drops being highly anticipated, you need to be awake and ready to go when they drop. Or, you will be scrambling trying to find someone who is reselling it for a way marked up price. Supreme has timeless pieces that can leave people speechless if they know what it is. It is the most subtle flex to walk around in Supreme clothing. They also do collaborations with big companies like Nike, Timberland, The North Face, etc.. Their clothing are staples for those who are really in to street wear brands.


5. Fear of God

Fear of God has begun to pop up more recently on social media. If you have seen, wanted, or looked up, the sweatsuits that say “ESSENTIALS” on them, that’s Fear of God. These pieces can become basics in your closet. Something that you can wear every day and have that small feeling inside of you that your outfit is just a little doper today. Coming in mainly neutral colors, these hoodies and sweats are the perfect street wear sweatsuits to live your everyday life in.

6. Cactus Plant Flea Market

Another fun street wear brand that is at times hard to get your hands on to. They have such cool clothes but they also work with many well known artists and produce their merchandise. These turn in to coveted street wear clothing items. For example, close to all of Kanye Wests’ merchandise is in collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market. Playboi Carti’s new merchandise for his album, also done by Cactus Plant Flea Market. And the thing is about these street wear items is that once their gone of the website they will never be restocked. So, you get them while you can or you head to StockX or where you get your hype street wear clothing.

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7. The House of Drew

This is Justin Bieber’s brand that comes out with new street wear drops every month or so. They have the iconic smiley face plastered on their hoodies or the “drew” outlined in yellow. This is another street wear brand that is highly sought after because of how hard it is to get what you want. With released drops that are advertised on their Instagram, the anticipation for them is so much higher. Their clothing are things that you can wear every day like their hoodies or long sleeves, or get their more unique items that you feel like saving for special occasions. No matter when you choose to wear what you got from The House of Drew, it will be iconic when you decide to wear it.


8. Online Ceramics

Another brand that has funky clothes. This street wear brand has stuff that will make you think and try to expand your way of thinking. With restocks that are only spoken about on their social media, this is a brand you especially want to turn post notifications on for. It’s a brand where if you get at least one piece from them you will be ultimately satisfied. They have super cool clothes that are so far from the ordinary which is what makes this street wear brand so special. Focusing mainly on hoodies and shirts, Online Ceramics pieces can be staples in your closet. They can be what you run errands in or if you go shopping and want that specific piece to turn people’s heads, Online Ceramics will do exactly that.

What street wear brands do you love? Comment below!