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Street Styles for Spring at the University of Toronto

Street Styles for Spring at the University of Toronto

You can bet that there’s always a fashionista around the UofT campus checking out outfits and considering how well students coordinated that day or how they can improve their “I-was-up-late-studying” outfit. I would know… I’m one of those people. Keep reading for the top “Unisex-y” street styles perfect for spring found at the University of Toronto!

The Unisex Style

We don’t want to hurt feelings, we simply aim to improve the fashion culture at UofT. I’m sure my fellow fashionistas have taken notes and noticed the trend that has taken over campus: Unisex clothing!


I’m calling this trend “Unisex-y” because that’s exactly what it is! Both women and men have borrowed each other’s fashion trends, and put their own spin on popular items.

So if you want to avoid a stare down from a UofT fashionista, study these 4 popular fashion trends perfect for any student who wishes to join the UofT Runway!


Walkin’ In Runners

Magically, the running shoe – most commonly Nike or Adidas brand – have become a fashion statement rather than a workout garment. These cool kickers are being worn under long trenches, dresses, and drop-crotch joggers by an endless amount of UofT students.

I must agree with this sneaky fashion choice! It allows for all types of students to be comfy while running across campus in fear of being late to their next class, all while looking super fashionable doing it!


Those Endless Layers

The high-low cut is fading out, being taken over by the straight-multi layered trend! Long tops are not only just used by women to hide nasty undie-lines when you’ve missed laundry day because of exams.

Layering a short top, over a long top, over a thigh-high top, over an above-the-knee top is what all of the ~fashionable~ students at UofT are doing, the men have even learned to sport this trend.

Check out Zara or H&M to get your hands on any length tee. I mean… if the girl’s section isn’t cutting it for you, it’s definitely unisex-y at UofT to check out the men’s section!


“Tearing” It Up

Thanks to Kim Kardashian’s beau “Yeezus” aka Kanye West, rips/holes/cigarette burns/knife gashes/thread runs, however you’d like to call it, is now the hottest trend to be seen in.

I think it’s safe to say this style began with women’s ripped jeans and made its way to the world of denim for men shortly after. Yeezus took it up a few notches (literally) and created a whole line of distressed tees, shirts and sweatshirts.

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UofT students are definitely up for this killer craze! If it’s unisex-y to wear ripped clothing I’m sure we all wouldn’t mind pulling out that top we’ve been hoarding – you know the one that’s been in your wardrobe so long that the moths have eaten through- and save a few bucks on buying a purposely ripped one! Am I right?


A Zip Tip

Zipping up your American Apparel hoodie on your way to write your last exam? Zipping is definitely the lazy alternative to button ups, but have no shame because zipping is a big trend around UofT these days.

The exposed zipper is everywhere, from hats to skirts, and shoes to shorts… zippers are definitely a common trend featured on the UofT runway.

Instead of wasting time on those button-ups, get your hands on a clothing item that uses zippers as an accent to add some flare to your exam-chic outfits. The exposed zipper is opening up a new world for students who’d rather catch some extra Zzz’s than wake up 5 minutes earlier to button up that collared top or dress! When in doubt, just zip it!



Keep these key trends in mind next time you hit Toronto’s fashion district. Let’s all make an effort to keep those UofT fashionistas proud, and save the scholarly-runway-model reputation we are known for. Happy shopping!

What are some other street styles at the University of Toronto that are perfect for spring? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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