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Top 10 Strategies For Handling Student Stress

Top 10 Strategies For Handling Student Stress

Handling student stress when it comes to dealing with assignments and daily life is challenging. It can be difficult to manage, but there are many ways to calm down and relax when it gets tough. This article presents some relaxing activities to ease your mind and deal with the stress of being a student.

1. Listening To Music

Getting multiple assignments at once and managing the numerous due dates can be stressful, but listening to music is always an easy way to clear your mind. Whether it’s some upbeat tunes, piano, or classic rock, music is a good way to release some tension.

You can sit on your couch and chill by yourself, or dance around your dorm room. It doesn’t matter what type of music you listen to as long as it takes the struggles of daily life off of your mind.

2. Reading

Stories allow you to transport yourself to another world and immerse yourself in the characters. A good book can always bring you into a new atmosphere and may provide you with the opportunity to interact with new people.


Joining a book club is a way to connect and talk with others who have the same interests as you. Reading is also a great way to advance your vocabulary, and learn more about a subject if it’s a nonfiction novel.

Top 10 Strategies For Handling Student Stress

3. Watching TV

Movies and TV shows serve as mindless entertainment for anyone, but especially for students. A feel-good movie, an action show, or reality TV is a great way to stop the screws from turning in your head and relax for an hour.

It’s an outlet to get your mind off of the assignments and heavy workload. It also gives you the opportunity to grab your favorite snack and your favorite friend to binge-watch your favorite TV series.


4. Meditation

Taking a minute to calm down is the best strategy for handling student stress. Allowing your mind to be completely blank is something we often don’t allow ourselves to do, but meditation is an excuse for that. Give yourself a chance to breathe deeply, and focus on your body and the weight lifting from your chest.

It’s a good way to remember that the world is not crashing down on you, and everything is going to be okay. You can also turn meditation into yoga if you want to stretch out your limbs. You can choose to go through your own meditation routine or look a video up online.

Top 10 Strategies For Handling Student Stress

5. Taking A Nap

A good nap never hurt anyone. A power nap, about twenty-five minutes, will provide you with a newfound energy that’ll take you through the rest of your day. Naps will clear your mind and take away all the stress you’ve been feeling.


When you wake up, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated and have a new sense of what you need to accomplish. Everyone is taking naps nowadays, so don’t feel ashamed to grab a fuzzy blanket and relax on your bed.

6. Going For A Walk

Handling student stress is a difficult task, but taking a walk is a healthy outlet. It’s always good to get some fresh air and move your body a little bit. Exposing yourself to nature reminds people of the beauty in the world, and causes them to focus on that rather than the stress.

Whether you’re chatting with a friend about plans you made this week, or by yourself and taking in the scenery, walking is an enjoyable activity to leave the stress behind.

7. Hanging Out With Friends

Hanging out with your friends is a way to handle student stress. Your friends are always there for you, and regardless of what you’re doing, you’ll be laughing. If your friends are also students, you can relate on the same level, and pick a day where you do something fun for a change, instead of stressing over work.


Friends will make you happier and cause you to forget about everything stressful in your life. Whether you’re shopping, playing video games, or baking chocolate chip cookies, make sure you choose to do something enjoyable.

Top 10 Strategies For Handling Student Stress

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8. Arts And Crafts

Getting the opportunity to enjoy painting, drawing, or sculpting is a great way to release stress. It’s not usually something we get the chance to do among all of the work unless we specifically make time for it. It’s an easy way to foster your creativity, and possibly find a new passion for art.


Taking the stress out on the paint you’re using or the object you’re building can release your ball of frustrated energy. It’s also a great way to make something cute for your dorm room, or a gift to give to someone you love.

Top 10 Strategies For Handling Student Stress

9. Writing

Writing is an outlet for stress. You could write a short story, poetry, or random thoughts that come to your mind. Whether it’s in a journal or online, personal or shared with someone else, writing is a useful tool for any kind of release.

It can be an easy way to vent your feelings and share things you may not want to share with anyone else. Writing also sparks creativity and serves as a way to ease your mind by getting those jumbled thoughts out on paper.


Top 10 Strategies For Handling Student Stress

10. Making A List

Having multiple assignments in your mind at once can be the cause of lots of stress. A good way to handle student stress is by making a list. Making a list of everything you need to do is a good way to organize those thoughts.

Grab some colored pens, pencils, or markers to write down the list of projects and assignments you have to complete. Feel free to doodle on the sides of the pages to make it more aesthetically pleasing, but always remember to write your assignments down first.

Are you going to try any of these strategies to handle student stress? Is there anything you do that wasn’t mentioned? Feel free to comment on any strategies you use instead.

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