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6 Stranger Things 3 Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

6 Stranger Things 3 Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

6 Stranger Things 3 Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Spoilers from Stranger Things season three ahead! You’ve been warned.

Okay, so Stranger Things season three was arguably the best of the show and left us all a little scarred, emotionally, for several reasons. But don’t be too sad: we’re getting another season, and there’s plenty of easter eggs and things that could happen in season four so, without further ado, here’s six theories about season three and four that will blow your mind and keep you from getting too sad.

1. The American Prisoner Is Someone We Know…

As we all know from the extra credit scene, the Russians who have a Demogorgon also have an American as their prisoner. Now, there are some people who theorize that the American in Russia is Dr. Brenner, Eleven’s evil ex-parent, who we learned was still alive in season two.

But a lot of people think that it’s Hopper, which would be absolutely amazing considering the emotional goodbye we had. Also, the purpose behind including the easter egg of the Russian soldier saying, “Not the American” after Hopper’s big speech? Poetic.

Which brings us to our next theory…

2. Hopper Is Still Alive!

There’s literally nothing that we would love to see more. Anyone who says that they didn’t cry during Hopper’s speech is a liar. Also, to add fire to the flame, there’s some people who theorize that the directors included the song, “Heroes” by David Bowie during the scene where the kids are packing the truck and Hopper’s speech is ending, as a reference to season one, where the same song plays as Will’s fake body is revealed.

6 Stranger Things 3 Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

3. The Byers and Eleven Moved Somewhere Similar

At the end of season three, the Byers and Eleven are moving from Hawkins to a location that hasn’t been revealed yet. A lot of people have theorized that they’re moving to Illinois, close to where Murray lives, for more of a connection to a plot device to reveal that Hopper is still alive. Because who else would figure that conspiracy than Joyce and Murray?

4. Eleven’s Powers Will Resurface With the Mind Flayer

We don’t really know for sure why Eleven’s powers were lost at the end of season three, but a lot of people have been speculating why and if she’ll actually get them back. The main theory is that the Mind Flayer screwed with Eleven’s powers through the bite and she drained her powers, but when the Mind Flayer comes back into the picture, Eleven will regain her powers.

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6 Stranger Things 3 Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

5. The Demogorgon Is the Same One From Season One!

Realistically, where else would they get a Demogorgon than the original source? Although, many people have speculated that the Demogorgon is one of the “experiments” that Alexei referred to before he died, maybe created in partnership with Dr. Brennan.

6. Billy and All the Other Flayed Are Alive In the Upside-Down

Oh man. Billy’s death hit us all hard, and that’s the truth. No matter if you believed Billy was redeemed from season two (which we think he has, by the way) we can all agree that he didn’t deserve to go out like that, and still has a little left in store. Because of this, a lot of people have theorized that he’s still alive in the upside down, as are all the Flayed. Many say this is because they were all connected to the Mind Flayer, so some part of them remains in the upside-down.

6 Stranger Things 3 Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

What do you think about all these Stranger Things theories? Do you think any of them are true? Let us know in the comments!

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