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Stranger Things Season 3: Here’s What We Think Will Happen

Stranger Things Season 3: Here’s What We Think Will Happen

Stranger Things Season 3: Here’s What We Think Will Happen

They kept us waiting 2 long years but it’s finally arrived! Anyone else hop on the fan theory bandwagon as soon as the Stranger Things Season 2 ended? We sure did! And now with the release of the season 3 things are about to get a whole lot crazier in Hawkins! Here’s a list of things we think is going to happen this season 3.

1. Joyce and Hopper Finally Get Together?

Could this be the season it finally happens? The Joyce/Hopper ‘ship has been a fan favourite since the first episode and everyone has been holding out for these two to get their acts together! The trailer doesn’t paint the most promising of pictures, as it shows images of Hopper getting stood up in a restaurant at a table for two. But we here at Society19 will always be rooting for them!

Stranger Things Season 3: Here’s What We Think Will Happen

2. 11, 8 (Kali) And…

Season 2 gave us the incredible Kali (also known as 8). With powers not unlike Eleven’s, she and her misfit gang in Pittsburgh are out on a vengeful quest to make the Hawkins Lab researchers pay for the injustices done to her. But is Kali the only one besides Eleven, or will this season finally be the season where we get to finally meet more of these special kids? Our

 guess is that there’ll be at least one more introduced to the Stranger Things gang by the end of the season. There has to be at least 9 more children with supernatural powers running around out there! Will we get to them in the upcoming season?

Stranger Things Season 3: Here’s What We Think Will Happen

3. All The Action Will Go Down In The Mall

The trailer has all but confirmed that the newly built Starcourt Mall is going to become an arena of epic proportions for the Hawkins gang, as there are many depictions shown of them huddled inside, and the title of the final episode, “The Battle of Starcourt” being revealed. The trailer also depicts Steve Harrington working in an ice-cream parlour, meaning most likely, he’s gonna be stuck in the middle of things.

But is that all there is to it? Many Stranger Things Fans have theorised that Starcourt might actually be a front for a secret organisation. Could this theory be legit?

Stranger Things Season 3: Here’s What We Think Will Happen

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4. Hawkins Zombie Apocalypse?

The penultimate episode entitled “The Bite” has put fans on the edge of their seats. What could this mean? Has it got something to do with the Demogorgon? We already know that their primary attack method is ripping things apart with their teeth, but is that all there is to it? Or could their bite also be infectious. Could there be a zombie virus coming through the Upside Down?

5. Bye-Bye Byers Family?

Rumours are going ‘round that Joyce might be wanting to leave Hawking and all its weirdness behind her. It would be the most heart-breaking ending to have to say goodbye to some of the show’s most stellar characters.

But can anyone really blame Joyce for this one? The Byer’s family has had more than their fair share of grief, what with Will getting sucked into the Upside Down and becoming a demonic double agent, Joyce losing her youngest son for almost an entire season, and then Bob. Oh, poor Bob. If I was Joyce, I would have left a long, loooong time ago.

But that still begs the question (or questions in this case), if the Byers leave, what will happen to the others? What’ll the gang do without Will? What’ll happen to Jonathan and Nancy? What’ll happen Joyce and Hopper?

Do you have any Stranger Things theories of your own? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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