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20 Stories of People Sharing The Worst Scandal That Happened At Their High Schools

On December 15, Reddit user u/Lost-Warning-2588 asked fellow Redditors who are part of the r/AskReddit Community, “What’s the worst scandal to happen at your school?” In an instant, the Reddit thread went quickly viral and as of December 30, has over 28,500 responses. 

Now, with all of that being said, take a look down below and check out the following 20 Stories of People Sharing The Worst Scandal That Happened At Their High Schools: 

1. Worst Scandal Story #1 – The Brutal Murder of One of My Classmates by Another Classmate:

“A kid in my senior year short story class (who sat directly behind me) was charged with the stabbing, beheading and burning of one of his friends/drug dealer.

I remember the day like it was yesterday, sitting in my short story class when my teacher came in, in tears because she just heard the news. Students didn’t find out about it until later. I actually have a friend who testified in his trial because he purchased the murdering materials at the hardware store she worked at.”

-Redditor Supersmaaashley

2. Worst Scandal Story #2 – The Undercover Cop Posing as a Student:

“We had an undercover cop who posed as a student for months, made friends, even had a girlfriend. After it was revealed they ended up making a bunch if arrests for drug related charges (mostly meth).”

-Redditor Usedtobesherman

3. Worst Scandal Story #3 – The Double Life of The Dean of My High School:

“High school dean (this is still public school btw) turned out to be a member of the Latin Kings. Recruited kids to sell drugs. Shot a kid in the head over drug money, and got arrested. He’s in prison now.”

-Redditor bccpolo

4. Worst Scandal Story #4 – The Email Sent To The White House:

“Kid in my class sent an email to the White House, threatening to kill Socks, the Clinton’s cat. Secret Service showed up a few days later after they tracked down the computer.

Edit to add, link to the article: “

-Redditor Goombaw

5. Worst Scandal Story #5 – The Tragic Aftermath of a Student-Teacher Affair:

“A teacher had an affair with a student. She was arrested and released on bail. Then a few days later she sent an email to other teachers saying it wasn’t an affair but that she was actually being raped by the student and blackmailed. She even attached screenshots of texts. Later that day, she murdered her husband and committed suicide.

Edit: Whoa, This has really blown up. A few people have linked articles in the comments if you are curious.”

-Redditor fineapplegal

6. Worst Scandal Story #6 – The Pitstop That The Bus for the Spring Golf Tournament Made:

“We our HS golf team went to Myrtle Beach, SC for a 3 day golf tournament every spring. One year we got up and the chaperones told us we would have to take taxis to the course we were playing at that day because of a “problem” with the bus and that our coach wasn’t going to come because he was dealing with the bus. I would learn later that what actually happened was that coach got arrested for a DUI leaving a strip club at 3 AM in the short bus. I don’t know how he didn’t realize that there was no way that a school bus leaving a strip club at 3 AM wasn’t going to get stopped by the cops.”

-Redditor StrainFar4756

7. Worst Scandal Story #7 – The Murders During the Hockey Team’s Sleepover:

“One weekend a couple of kids from the hockey team had a sleep over.

One of the older boys from high school targeted them. He tied them up. raped them, slit their throats and set the house on fire.

One of the boys survived and is an incredible person. He’s the chief of a fire department and has done motivational speaking.

The murderer is now out on full parole.”

-Redditor Ed_Dantes35

8. Worst Scandal Story #8 – When A Teacher Went Off Her Medication:

“Teacher went off her meds and went jogging in the nude. Bus full of kids saw. She took a year off, but was relatively quickly was back teaching at the same school.”

-Redditor Ebenezar_McCoy

9. Worst Scandal Story #9 – “She Cut My D***”:

“A girl gave a guy a bj behind a building, her braces got stuck on his dick, he pulls back, dick bleeding, punches her in the mouth, she goes and tells the principal, parents get called in, he yells “She cut my dick!” While the door was open.. everyone knew then.”

-Redditor xolotl92

10. Worst Scandal Story #10 – The Hit List:

“A girl in my middle school was telling people she had a “hit list” of people she was going to kill. Got caught with the list, and was sent to a hospital for awhile. She came back a few years later in high school.

Edit: seems like a lot of people had a similar occurrence in school. This was in Michigan.”

-Redditor taylorisacat

11. Worst Scandal Story #11 – The School’s Gossip Blog:

“My senior year of high school, this girl in the grade below me — a completely full of shit Machiavellian narcissist — started a gossip blog. Though she was smart, politically active, and popular in school, the blog was really trashy and poorly written. It wasn’t satire, she would genuinely just share scandalous stories and change people’s names to similar-sounding pseudonyms so you’d still kind of know who they were. Anyway, a few months into the year she attended a senior boy’s party and saw that they were playing “Nazis vs Jews” beer pong — one team’s solo cups were arranged in a Star of David, and the other team’s were arranged in a swastika. She took pictures and posted them on her blog. It blew up. The New York Times did a profile on her. Washington Post, New Yorker – everyone covered it. All the boys who participated lost their scholarships and had their college acceptances rescinded.”

-Redditor strawberryjamhoe

12. Worst Scandal Story #12 – The Harlem Shake Video:

“The Harlem Shake was a craze. We had an RE teacher who desperately enjoyed being the popular teacher so he got in on the craze. Invited 40 pupils from my year to his classroom at lunch and filmed his own Harlem Shake video (which in itself would’ve been against safeguarding rules). Thing is, he also taught sex ed, so everyone got into his cupboard before the start of the video for ‘props’. The video was essentially a group of 14 year olds throwing dildos and condoms around the room while he, of his own accord, grinded on a life-size cutout of the Pope. He was suspended under investigation for half a year but surprisingly kept his job. He was lot more professional when he returned.”

-Redditor WelshDionysus

13. Worst Scandal Story #13 – 3 Stories in 1 Post:

  1. The chorus teacher got caught looking at “lolita porn” on his school computer.

  2. This kid had nudes of his ex that his friend sent to a bunch of people in school, but he was 18 and she was 14 or 15, so he got expelled and I believe he was charged with distributing child pornography. We had a whole assembly because of it where the cops came and told us they could see everything on our phones.

  3. A kid in my grade and another girl (same girl as in the story above, actually) had sex in the bathroom. I learned about it from my band teacher.”

-Redditor strawberrykiwibird

14. Worst Scandal Story #14 – The Chlorine Bomb Incident:

“Kid made a chlorine bomb and threw it in the trash can at lunch. Lockdown, bomb squad, every single kid and faculty member out on the field in 95° weather for 2+ hours until parents could show up to pick up their kids.”

See Also

-Redditor Specifilly

15. Worst Scandal Story #15 – Someone Brought Weed on a School Field Trip:

“The entire 11th grade of my school visits a concentration camp each year, and 2 years ago someone brought weed, so 20 students were expelled and 15 suspended. Even the police got involved (weed isn’t legal yet here).”

-Redditor starcraft2121

16. Worst Scandal Story #16 – The Complicated Threesome:

“a girl at my school had sex with her girlfriends brother to get pregnant by him. both the girlfriend and the brother were cool with the idea. the girl who got pregnant did so because she wanted to raise a baby with her gf and they wanted it to be both of their dna.”

-Redditor overratedlittletwink

17. Worst Scandal Story #17 – One of the Teachers Cheated on His Wife Who Was Battling Cancer:

“We had a history teacher and a french teacher that were a married couple, Mr and Mrs T.

Mrs T was diagnosed with cancer and was on leave for over a year for her chemo and recovery

No one had seen her in all that time, until she burst into an extra-curricular lesson I was in, out of school hours crying hysterically and shouting at the teacher of that lesson, Ms W

Ms W had been f***ing Mr T. I shit you not.

Seeing her after all that time, pale, bald-headed and in such emotional pain, was heartbreaking.”

-Redditor _VitoCorleone_

18. Worst Scandal Story #18 – For Years, One of the Football Coaches Was Pulling a “Jerry Sandusky”:

“Our [school’s] football defense coordinator molested/raped a large number of young boys of a long period of time and no one did a thing about it.”

-Redditor bluefish5

19. Worst Scandal Story #19 – When The Overachieving Student In My Grade Went Psycho:

“An overachieving student in my year went nuts and pooped in a bag in a teachers classroom.

She also thought she could run up trees.

Turns out she didn’t end up skipping a few years and going to uni early like she was predicted to do.”

-Redditor Bij_Emily

20. Worst Scandal Story #20 – The Peeping Tom:

“Long story short the principal got arrested for hiding cameras in the bathroom this was back in elementary he was a total f***ing creep.”

-Redditor I_have_small-pp

Which of the stories listed above do you believe was the worst scandal? Let us know which one(s) down below in the comments section!

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