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15 Stories of People Sharing The Stupidest Thing That Someone Has Said To Them With Confidence

On December 31, 2020, Reddit user u/eljayok13 asked fellow Redditors who are part of the r/AskReddit Community, “What’s the stupidest thing someone has said to you with confidence?” In an instant, the Reddit thread went quickly viral and as of January 13, 2021 has over 24,300 responses. 

Now, with all of that information being said, let’s take a look the following 15 Stories of People Sharing The Stupidest Thing That Someone Has Said To Them With Confidence:

1. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #1 – The Pearl Harbor Test Question Debacle Caused The Parents and The Principal To Get Involved:

“My history teacher in high school. She didn’t really say it but she had a question on her test that basically asked where Pearl Harbor was, and to her the correct answer was Japan. So everybody who answered Hawaii got it marked wrong. There was a student revolt and she insisted it was in Japan because there was no way Japanese aircraft would make all across the ocean to attack us. We then had to explain to her that aircraft carriers were a thing back then. She wasn’t convinced.

Anyway, parents got involved and eventually the principal had to step in. The whole test was called into question because of some other questionable stuff. The whole thing was thrown out and we all got A’s.”

-Redditor watabby

2. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #2 – The Encounter In The Library:

“Me: At school, in the library, watching Youtube videos on my iPad, minding my own business. A random student comes up to me, and I look at [him].

Random Student: Hey, do you have a dead baby?

Me: … What?

Random Student: Because if you do, I can help resurrect it.

Me: thinking: What the f*** is this guy on?

I then move to another part of the library, away from this idiot.”

-Redditor Dragonman2455

3. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #3 – 2 Stories Dealing With This Reddit User Being Colorblind:

“Coworker of mine after they find out I am colorblind:

“So you cant see this?” /is holding a red tray we used to carry orders out

“I mean yea, but-“


/confused for a moment Did you think i couldnt see the object because it’s red?!”

“Well duh, if you’re colourblind you cant see things that are that colour, right?”

“They aren’t invisible to me you dumbass, i just cant properly tell what colour it is!!!”

Edit: I know the trays were red because they were literally called the red trays

Esit 2: deciding to put in a second story regarding people and my colourblindness.

I was playing rocket league with a buddy, we’re in my club/clan thingy and got matched against people in a different one, so the team colours were used isntead of the standard ones. Our team’s was white and the others was apparently a green. I complain about it being difficult to distinguish which net to shoot at sometimes and my buddy asks “Do you want me to screenshot my screen and send you a picture so you can see their colour?”

I stayed silent and let him think about what he said, it took him about a minute before he realized what he had asked.”

-Redditor WitchiePrincess

4. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #4 – The Comment Made During A Fight:

“I wish there was a window in between us so I didn’t have to look at you!”

-Redditor kira82

5. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #5 – How The Platypus Was Created:

“”A platypus was created when someone bred a duck with a beaver.” Dead serious.”

-Redditor suela_smith

6. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #6 – The Extra State of The United States:

“”Canada is part of the United States,” my Canadian friend told me once.”

-Redditor blackeyedtiger

7. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #7 – What Happened When This Reddit User’s co-Workers and Him/Her Went Out To Lunch:

“A few of my coworkers and I went out to eat after work to a local bar and grill, one of my coworkers is pescatarian. Another one of my coworkers, Chris, is prone to speaking with absolute confidence about things he has incredibly little knowledge about.

Janise ([a] pescetarian) orders Buffalo shrimp (which is listed under a header of “wings and bites”) Chris with supreme confidence corrects her and says “no dear those are wings” he got possibly the dirtiest look I’ve ever seen as the table started laughing at him uncontrollably.”

-Redditor BobioliCommentoli

8. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #8 – The Claim Over Wearing Masks During The Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic:

“Masks don’t do anything to prevent the spread of covid!”

-Redditor tapiocatsar

9. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #9 – This Reddit User’s Friend’s Claim About Outer Space:

“Space was created by Disney to further the hoax of space/earth being round. He was dead serious, and he quoted “his own brain after much research” as his source. I wish I was kidding.”

See Also

-Redditor shartnado3

10. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #10 – This Reddit User’s Mom’s Lie All Because She Was Too Lazy:

“Stupidest thing that I’ve said with confidence: “You should eat the crust. It’s the most nutritious part of the bread.”

I was 24 when I realized that I had internalized a lie told to be by a mother who didn’t want to cut the crusts off.”

-Redditor Jackalope154

11. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #11 – The Question About Smart Water:

“I worked at CVS and this woman was buying a 6 pack of Smart Water. She asked me if it would make her smarter and when I said no, she asked to speak with a manager.”

-Redditor indianayall

12. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #12 – The Stupid Comment About Asians:

“You’re not Asian, [you are] Chinese!”

-Redditor justura_verage

13. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #13 – The One with Where The Claim Completely Didn’t Make Sense:

“That she could never use a sperm donor to have a kid….because she wasn’t 100% sure that the baby/child would speak English….”

-Redditor TexJester

14. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #14 – The Question About This Reddit User’s Time Living In South Africa:

“No joke, I was born in South Africa in a city. Kid in my class asked me if I rushed to ride rhino and giraffes to school. I left when I was 2 and a half, didn’t go to school for one. And two, I lived in a city.”

-Redditor LilBoo2099

15. Stories of People Saying Stupid Things #15 – How To Drill A Hole, According To a Friend of This Reddit User:

“When you drill a hole, you need to place your hand behind the spot where you’re drilling. He said it will make it easier to drill.

I really [did not] want to add a hole to my hand.”

-Redditor Equal-Self

Which of the Stories listed above stood out to you the most? Let us know which Stories down below in the comments section!

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