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15 Stories of People Sharing The Childhood Mystery That He/She Finally Solved Years Later

On December 19, Reddit user u/Biggrock03 asked fellow Redditors who are part of the r/AskReddit Community, “What’s your childhood mystery that you finally solved years later?” In an instant, the Reddit thread went quickly viral and as of December 27, has over 16,700 responses. 

Now, with all of that being said, let’s take a look down below and read the following 15 Stories of People Sharing The Childhood Mystery That He/She Finally Solved Years Later:

1. Childhood Mystery Story #1 – What My Aunt’s “Pool Water” Drink Really Was:

“Once when I was about 7 or 8, my family was having a pool party and my twentysomething aunt was sitting by the pool with a glass of clear liquid. I was hot and thirsty, so I reached for her drink, and she said, “Don’t drink that, it’s pool water!” I wondered why in the heck she’d have a glass of pool water, but left it alone.

Years later, as my family’s alcohol consumption habits became clearer to me, I realized that she was probably drinking vodka.”

-Redditor wheezy_runner

2. Childhood Mystery Story #2 – Condoms or Condiments?:

“So one day when I was little I was in the living room with my parents and they were having a conversation with my cousin and I remember them confronting him about have condoms in his room being the innocent child I was I asked “whats so wrong with having stuff like ketchup in your room” I did not know what a condom was at the time So I thought they meant condoments.’

-Redditor Mr_Ape4055

3. Childhood Mystery Story #3 – The “Secret Hiding Place”:

“The entire time I lived in my childhood home, my mom hid my Christmas presents in her “secret hiding place” she made it sound mystical and mysterious a few months ago a while after I moved out, she finally told me what the secret hiding place actually was, the Christmas tree box in a cabinet in the garage she would replace the Christmas tree with my presents when she put the tree up.”

-Redditor Dragonsbreath67

4. Childhood Mystery Story #4 – Visits To My Dad’s “Work Place”:

“I visited my dad when I was 6 or 7 years old at the place where he worked, or so I was told. I remember remarking at the time, and people laughed at me, because I said it looked just like a prison. The people laughing were the guards and I was indeed visiting my dad at Terminal Island federal correctional institution where he was a federal inmate.”

-Redditor Grokker99

5. Childhood Mystery Story #5 – My Father’s “Nosebleeds”:

“My dad used to get nosebleeds randomly like…all the time. I never understood why he would be very energetic, get a nosebleed, then take a nap in the middle of the day.bit dawned on me years later that he was doing coke. Mystery solved.”

-Redditor alpharius_o-mark-gon

6. Childhood Mystery Story #6 – Why The Candy Disappeared:

“When I was a kid, my dad bought me one of those big candy cane things filled with jelly beans. I was so excited to eat the jellybeans, but I was told I had to wait for the next day. I asked for them later but apparently they disappeared into thin air. I couldn’t find my candy cane anywhere. Lots of weird shit used to happen around our house, like borderline paranormal stuff, and dad said it was just that.”

No it wasn’t.

That f***er ate my f***ingellybeans.

-Redditor merari01sucksshit

7. Childhood Mystery Story #7 – The Special Recipe For Mashed Potatoes Turned Out To Be Not So Special:

“Growing up I always insisted I liked the mashed potatoes at my grandma’s house better than the ones my mom made at home. My grandma once told me it’s because she uses a special recipe.

I found out last year that my mom hand mashes her potatoes. My grandma just gets the Betty Crocker boxed sh**. Her special recipe I was gonna get what she dies is Betty f***ing Crocker.”

-Redditor mapleleafness09

8. Childhood Mystery Story #8 – What The Hazard Button In The Car Really Does:

“I used to think that the hazard button on the car was an ejection seat. I was riding in a car and they made a hard stop that i accidentally hit the hazard button. Very quickly i opened the door and rolled out in the road as i thought I’ll get fired out the car. I just saw the car with the hazard lights on. Everyone look at me like i was a total idiot. Took me 6 years to figure out.”

-Redditor Ilovemydogmacky

9. Childhood Mystery Story #9 – The Identity of Santa in The Video:

“Now when I was younger every Christmas my mom would “sneak” downstairs and capture footage of “santa” placing presents under the tree so we could believe in Santa and years later after we know the truth I remember the videos and asked my mom who that was and she revealed that it was my uncle in a Santa costume.”

-Redditor DsVidz

10. Childhood Mystery Story #10 – The Identity of the “Cousin”:

“Why my uncle had never been in a relationship. He’d been living with someone that my entire family would call a “cousin” for as long as I’ve lived.

It finally clicked one day that that was his partner and that they were just a gay couple.

It’s still sad to me that they continue to be low key about it because how homophobic our family’s culture is.”

-Redditor tbettz

11. Childhood Mystery Story #11 – The Mystery of The Teachers Lounge:

“When I was in elementary school, I always wondered what the teachers staff room was like. It seemed so mysterious – and I remember trying to get a peek anytime I walked by and the door would open.

See Also

Later became a teacher and can fully confirm they’re dull, often toxic spaces full of cranky teachers complaining about students.”

-Redditor ktemw

12. Childhood Mystery Story #12 – Why The Fish Grew:

“One evening when camping, my brother caught a fish that we decided to keep alive in the cooler for some reason. Well, the next morning we ran out to see the fish and it had grown like 5 inches! We were so excited and didn’t know how the fish grew that much overnight! Last year we brought it up and my dad said that he had got up that morning and seen the fish being taken by a raccoon and that he spent the next hour or so frantically fishing for another one. He said he caught the new fish (the first one he was able to catch) just a few minutes before we got up.

I had never questioned that the fish growing that much as I grew up, but after hearing what really happened I did feel like we probably should have wondered about that more.”

Redditor MorningStar_16

13. Childhood Mystery Story #13 – The “Scream Door”:

“My mom used to call us in for dinner by yelling out the back door from the kitchen. I was in middle school before I realized the scream door was actually called a screen door.”

-Redditor Bustersb1tch

14. Childhood Mystery Story #14 – Why My Pet Turtle Went Missing:

“When I was younger, like 4 or 5, my family had a pet turtle. One day the turtle went missing and my parents told me it climbed the wall in our backyard and went to the creek behind our house. I, being a naive toddler child, did not question this logic.

Fast forward to when I was 17 and driving with my mom in the car. We saw a tortoise crossing the street and I was suddenly thrown back to my memory of us having a pet turtle. I pulled over to save the tortoise and was all “OMG MOM TURTLES CAN’T CLIMB WALLS! WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR TURTLE?!”

Came to find out it had burrowed a hole in our lawn and my dad didn’t notice it until after he ran it over with a lawn mower 😢 obviously it was easier to pick up the pieces and tell your kid it climbed the wall than admit you murdered it with a lawn mower.

TLDR: parents lied to me about a pet going missing and I found out it was brutally murdered (on accident) by my father.”

-Redditor DemigodApollo

15. Childhood Mystery Story #15 – The Many Time Zones:

“Time zones, I couldn’t figure out why someone from a previous timezone couldn’t tell another who won the super ball. Hence I thought on New Year’s Eve the ball in New York would keep being pulled up to drop again.”

Redditor SnooPickles1015

Do you have any interesting stories about the Childhood Mystery That You Finally Solved Years after the incident happened that you would like to share? Let us know your Childhood Mystery Story down below in the comments section!

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