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5 Stores To Shop For Contemporary Clothes

5 Stores To Shop For Contemporary Clothes

As 2019 comes to its near end, the new year is continuing a more contemporary trend of clothing. Whether you are going for casual, business, party, or lounge attire, the key term is trendy. We all want to look fresh and sophisticated to feel our best. Currently, style trends are up keeping up to date with new and improved fashion. Hundreds of stores will show you what’s new and what to wear, but would you really call it up to date style or is it out of date? Luckily, many stores are categorized to styles which allow you to narrow down what outfits you will be going for. As always, everyone wants to dress to impress, to show the world that we know how to dress to best the best. Here are 5 stores you can visit to look for contemporary clothes today.

1. H&M

This Swedish clothing retail company is no stranger to the contemporary style. As seasons come and go, as with every store, H&M sections their store the type of clothing. What is likeable about this company is that all clothes look more semi-formal than casual. Looking for office wear? This store has plenty of business-appropriate fashion items. If you are looking for the ‘What’s New’ section of the store, look into the DIVIDED subsection. Aimed for a slightly youthful look, you can find age-appropriate and fashion-forward clothes.

 5 Stores To Shop For Contemporary Clothes


Going for the casual yet neat look, Uniqlo is a Japanese manufacturer and retailer that offers clothes for men, women, and children. You can find anything from tees to pairs of jeans, and more. Uniqlo offers both casual and semi-formal clothing that are most definitely in style. What is great about the store is that they pay attention to detail while offering reasonable prices on items. If you find yourself walking into a UNIQLO store, don’t be overwhelmed as you can swiftly and effortlessly find the look you are going for with these clothes.

5 Stores To Shop For Contemporary Clothes

3. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is one of the most recognizable retailers worldwide. Based in Seattle, this store has made the city a fashion-focused site. Busy streets mean busy people. Nordstrom stores lay out business casual clothing from top to bottom. With a mixture of ordinary, you can find what you are looking for at a cost. Nordstrom strives to promote formality and poise. If you want to look highly presentable, this store can take you to the top of the class. You can find a variety of outfit pieces at this store if you know what look you are going for.

5 Stores To Shop For Contemporary Clothes

4. Banana Republic

Having been opened since the 1980s in California, Banana Republic has updated its clothing line to trending pieces. If you are looking for cashmere, this store is the place to look for that. For the price, you will not be surprised by the quality of Banana Republic sweaters. They take pride in perfecting the threads from start to finish. Men’s fashion has improved more than ever. If you spend enough time, you could walk out with a whole outfit in hand. Banana Republic is reforming the definition of trendy with business wear.

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5 Stores To Shop For Contemporary Clothes

5. Forever 21

By now, several people have become familiar with the store Forever 21. Based in California, the store has alternated seasonal outfits that they know people would wear. Anywhere from a basic tee to ripped jeans. They are what’s new and people all across the country will wear them. Looking into colder weather, you can bet that utility jackets and leggings would be in stock. Mix and match your outfits with the plentiful categories of clothes. You can find a pair of shoes or piece of jewelry to go with your outfit as long as it is in style. Head over to the sales section to pick up a few must-have items to keep in the closet.

5 Stores To Shop For Contemporary Clothes

Which of these stores would you shop at and why? Do you already go to any of these frequently? We would love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment below.

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