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Stores That Offer Student Discounts

Stores That Offer Student Discounts

College can be a drag sometimes. The endless papers, projects, and reading can really take a toll on us and we don’t give ourselves enough TLC. 

Lucky for us university students, though, there are lots of stores that offer student discounts to help remind us of the perks of staying in school!

Whether you want to go shopping or just eat out in between study groups, here’s a list of places that will offer you a student discount!


Retail Therapy

ASOS: When you sign up for UNiDAYS, you can get 10% off full-price items on the ASOS website!

Brooks Brothers: Treat yourself in Brooks Brothers stores with a valid student ID or college acceptance letter to get a 15% off student discount!

1-800 Contacts: Get 10% off your purchase and free shipping when you register for UNiDAYS! After all, seeing is believing!


Kate Spade: Get 15% off full-priced items in Kate Spade stores when you show a valid student ID!

Levi’s: Get some new denim for 15% off when you order online with UNiDAYS!

ModCloth: Get some cute seasonal clothes at ModCloth for 10% off when you register with UNiDAYS and apply your student discount!


Madewell: Show a valid student ID in Madewell stores to get a 15% discount!

Topshop: Who doesn’t love a shopping spree at Topshop? Get a 10% off  student discount on your purchase in-store and online when you show a valid student ID!

Jo-Ann: Amp up your dorm room with some fun DIYs from Jo-Ann! Get 10% off every purchase when you register with the Jo-Ann Student Discount Program!


Goodwill: Find some diamonds in the rough when you visit your local Goodwill for 20% off your purchase! 

Boohoo: Get 10% off when you register with UNiDAYs! Restrictions do apply, so read carefully!

Champion/Hanes: Currently enrolled college students can get a 10% off student discount on all Champion and Hanes gear, which means comfy sweatshirts all year! 


PINK: Save 15% on your purchase! And check out their college gear to represent the school that gave you this student discount!

MAC Makeup: Recieve a 10% off promo code when you register to UNiDAYS!

Adidas: When you register for UNiDAYS you can get 15% off your purchase and free shipping! What a steal!


Calvin Klein: Sign up for UNiDAYS and get 10% off your online purchase!

Dolls Kill: Get a killer outfit with 15% off when you register for UNiDAYS

Dr. Martins: Get student discounts of 15% off your winter boots when you register for UNiDAYS!


Frye: Get amazing select boots and bags for 20% off when you register for… say it with me… UNiDAYS!

H&M: Sign up for you know what and get 15% off!

Nasty Gal: Get up to 60% off Boss Babe outfits when you register for… UNiDAYS!


Bed, Bath, and Beyond: Shop for your dorm room and get 20% off one item when you subscribe to their website for college exclusives!

The Limited: Recieve a 15% off student discount on every purchase you make in stores when you show a valid student ID!


Distract Me From the Stress

AMC Theaters: When you show your student ID at participating AMC locations, you can get discounted movie tickets on Thursdays! Who said college didn’t let you have fun during the week?

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Cinemark Theaters: If Thursdays don’t work for you, try out Cinemark instead! Show a valid student ID and get a student discount for movie tickets all week long!


The Lincoln Center and MOMA: If your going to school in New York, check out the student discount offers both of these iconic museums offer for students! Perfect for rainy and snowy days when you want to do something a little different than normal!

New England Aquarium: Use your student discounts and find Nemo at the New England Aquarium! This discount also includes the IMAX theater, so it’s a win-win! 

Madame Tussauds: Spend the day in a house of wax and see your favorite celebrities for a 15% off a student discount when you show a valid student ID!


Subscribe to Student Discounts (It Pays Off)

Amazon Prime: Get 6 months free of Amazon Prime under the “Student” section. This subscription includes all the perks of Amazon Prime including movies and TV shows! If you like it, you can subscribe full time for 50% off.

Spotify/Hulu: Need a little music to get you through those study sessions? Subscribe to Spotify Premium for a student discount of 50% off the normal price when you’re a student! That means no ads, no limitations, less stress. And as an added bonus, this now includes Hulu as well!  


Gotta Eat!

Chipotle: Get a free drink when you show a valid student ID! Drinks are what make a meal pricey after all! 

Subway: Grab a sub and get a student discount of 10% off your purchase when you show a student ID!

Chick-fil-A: Get a free drink every time you show a valid student ID! Take advantage of this student discount! Free drinks!


McDonald’s: Get 10% off an already cheap meal when you show a valid student ID!

Buffalo Wild Wings: Get some wings before you tailgate and get a student discount of 10% off your order when you show a valid student ID!


Moral of the story? Sign up for UNiDAYS and get lots of student discounts! What’s your favorite store to shop at?

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