12 Stores Open On Thanksgiving So You Can Get Ahead Of The Black Friday Rush

Want to get a head start on your Black Friday shopping? Here are some stores that are open on Thanksgiving so you can do just that!

1. Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works is probably my favorite store to visit during Black Friday because their sales are usually quite good and, let’s be honest, their candles are just the best. If you are looking to stock up on candles, body lotions, creams, body mists, or hand sanitizers, this is the best time to go! Their products make great gifts for Christmas, either for yourself or a loved one, and you just cannot beat the deals they offer on your favorite scents. Most stores are supposed to be open on Thanksgiving starting in the early evening. You can get hours for your local Bath and Body Works store by contacting the company’s customer service center. 

12 Stores Open On Thanksgiving So You Can Get Ahead Of The Black Friday Rush


2. Macy’s 

If you are looking to get some deals on nice work clothes, a new bedding set, pillows for the family room, some new accessories such as a great quality watch, visit your local Macy’s on Thanksgiving to get ahead of the mad dash that is Black Friday. If you are among the many disappointed that large department stores like Target and Walmart are to be closed on Thanksgiving, definitely go to Macy’s for your clothing needs especially. They have so many brand and style options for everyone that you are sure to find some great deals on awesome pieces!

3. Nordstrom

Similar to Macy’s, Nordstrom is another one of the few more department store types of shops open on the Thanksgiving holiday. Nordstrom can be a bit more pricey when it comes down to it, but if you are on the lookout for a specific item, this is the time of year to hit up the store. You are sure to find better deals than usual during their Thanksgiving and Black Friday sale, allowing you to get items for others and yourself that you may not have otherwise been able to afford. 


Another store that I often frequent is TJMAXX. Their usual prices are already incredibly affordable as they offer large discounts on every single item in the store. I have found so many good pieces at these stores and the deals are unmatched in my opinion. I can only imagine the deals that this store will have during Thanksgiving and Black Friday! They usually sell quite a few gift sets and pajama sets that make the perfect Christmas gift, so if you are on a budget or just looking to score a great deal, definitely visit your local TJMAXX this Thanksgiving. 


5. Barnes and Noble

If you are a fellow bookworm or are shopping for someone who is, then check out Barnes and Noble’s sales on Thanksgiving day before the rush begins on Black Friday. From cozy reading socks to ceramic mugs, Harry Potter themed gift sets, and of course, hundreds of books, there is sure to be a ton of wonderful gift options at great prices that you will not see at any other time of the year. 

12 Stores Open On Thanksgiving So You Can Get Ahead Of The Black Friday Rush

6. Dillard’s 

As far as department stores go, I think I have to say that my all-time favorite is Dillard’s. I have been shopping at Dillard’s since I was a little girl and it always reminds me of shopping with my grandparents, mom, and sister. The staff is so friendly and helpful, plus the merchandise is so nice! They have so many floors with everything from shoes, clothing, accessories, handbags, makeup, fragrances, etc. You could seriously spend all day there and find so many deals! I would definitely recommend hitting up their Thanksgiving sale to score a designer handbag or pair of shoes at a discounted price at their stores open on Thanksgiving before they are picked over on Black Friday.


7. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret stores are open on Thanksgiving! This is not a drill! The bras, underwear, pajamas, lingerie, etc. that are sold here are such nice quality and this is the perfect time to treat yourself or your significant other to a nice set. You can be sure that the fit is perfect with the help of one of the associates working the floor and these pieces are sure to look amazing and really last a good while!

8. H&M

A bit of a fun and trendy store that will be open early is H&M. This is a great place to hit up on Thanksgiving if you are looking to try a new trend or grab some nice basic pieces to add to your wardrobe. The quality of the clothing is so nice and the pieces they sell are gorgeous.

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12 Stores Open On Thanksgiving So You Can Get Ahead Of The Black Friday Rush

9. Micheal’s 

For all the creative souls out there, check out Micheal’s Black Friday deals early! All stores are open on Thanksgiving and this is the perfect place to get art supplies, craft supplies, and even some home decor items. If you have someone in your life that loves art and being creative, then this is the perfect place to find a Christmas gift for them.

10. Kmart

Another one of the stores open on Thanksgiving is Kmart. Kmart has reduced the number of stores they now operate out of, however, if you have one near you then you can definitely score some good deals before the Black Friday rush commences. Whether you need a new kitchen appliance, something for your pet, looking to invest in a brand new television, there are endless possibilities. This is especially a good place to scope out the electronics deals since Target and Walmart will not be open until Black Friday.


11. The Apple Store

A classic Black Friday purchase is a new electronic device such as a new iPhone or Ipad. If that is what you are looking to buy, get yourself down to your local Apple Store on Thanksgiving rather than waiting until Friday to make sure you get the product of your dreams! 

12. American Eagle

Last on this list of stores open on Thanksgiving is American Eagle. I have been shopping here off and on for years and the style of this store has changed so much, but the quality has remained. Especially if you are on the hunt for a nice, new pair of jeans that will last you for years, check out this store during your shopping spree. 

While major stores like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy will remain closed this Thanksgiving, the stores listed above have said they will be open on November 26, 2020! Where will you shop this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments!
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