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10 Storage Hacks For Tiny Spaces

10 Storage Hacks For Tiny Spaces

Are you in need of great storage hacks? Tiny spaces like dorm rooms can be hard to fit all of our stuff. I made a list of 10 items that have helped me store all of my belongings while at college. Keep reading for great storage hacks for tiny spaces!

1. DIY Jewelry Hanger

If you’re up for a project this is an easy one! I made one myself in about 5-10 minutes! it is such a big space saver and I now can fit all my favorite necklaces in my tiny dorm wardrobe and not have to worry if they will get all tangled!


2. Plastic drawers make a great addition.

These have been a lifesaver for my roommate and I. We both have found that the amount of space for clothing is quite limited in our dorm. We each have 2 of these under our beds and they are very useful.



3. Plastic bins for our bigger shoes.

This plastic bin was a more recent purchase after realizing we didn’t have a good place to put out colder weather shoes that took up a lot of space. It is very useful and now we have a good place for our shoes.

4. Over The Door Shoe Organizer

This is a lifesaver when it comes to storage. It gets all your shoes off of the ground and neatly organized. It works on all types of doors and has so many pockets for all your shoes!


5. Raise your bed!

Raising your bed can be a very big help when you’re running out of space to store things. It can give you about an extra foot of storage under your bed, which in my opinion is great. I raided my bed at home and I raised my bed in college and in both places it has given me so much more storage for all of my stuff that doesn’t fit in a drawer!


6. Plastic Desk Organizers

These are great products from the container store! They can be used for anything and everything. They don’t take up much space so you will have plenty of space on your desk to have it still be functional.


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7. Command Hooks & Velcro Command Strips

These two products are amazing. Anyone who has ever used them will tell you this as well. So the reason I’m putting them in this article is because you can put the hooks on a wall or piece of furniture and hang up coats, towels, scarves, etc. They are great. The Velcro strips are great for notepads and having them Velcro to the side of a desk so it is easy to grad the notepad, jot down your idea and then put it back up on the wall!

Use Command Hooks to hang your Swiffer mop. Genius! I could do this to the inside of one of the pantry doors and put baskets on the inside of the other!:


8. 3 Cube Shelf

This was such a great investment for my dorm room. We didn’t realize that there was no where to put all of our food we bought so we got this shelf and now everything is so organized 🙂 it was worth it!!

9. Scarf Holder Hanger

This is so useful in tiny spaces in my opinion. I have never found a good way to store scarves until I saw a scarf hanger like this at target. It lets you hang all your scarves on one hanger and takes up no space in the closet!


10. File Organizer

This organizer was a later purchase but it has been a great way to keep all of my school stuff and loose papers off my desk. It keeps things organized which is a big help in tiny spaces!

10 Storage hacks for Tiny Spaces
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