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11 Storage Hacks For A Tiny Dorm Room

11 Storage Hacks For A Tiny Dorm Room

Living in a dorm has many perks, but the cramped space and tiny rooms can be really frustrating. Society19 has some storage hacks to maximize your space!

Believe it or not – spending hours in an unconditioned stairwell lugging box after box up to your dorm room is not the most difficult part of moving into college – it’s figuring out where to put all the stuff! These storage hacks should make living in a tiny shared dorm room much more bearable:

1. Bins

Having bins of all shapes and sizes is a must for dorm room living because being able to store things in every crevice of the room is essential. Smaller bins can be used for items like extra toiletries or makeup products, and bigger bins are perfect for bulkier items, such as textbooks.

2. Extra drawers

Additional drawers can be really helpful to store your hundreds of t-shirts and sweatshirts, especially if there is only one wardrobe to share between roommates. This is one of the best storage hacks for small dorm spaces!


3. Storage tubs

This next tip is extra important for those who are going to college out of state. Big storage containers can be really useful to fill with all of the clothes that are not going to be worn during the current season, so it isn’t taking up precious space in your tiny closet. Additionally, these big tubs can be great for the costume collection you are sure to build up after just a few months at college from themed parties and date functions.

4. Bed risers

In order to fit all of those storage containers and bins in your dorm room, using bed risers is crucial. The amount of things you can fit under a lofted twin bed is truly incredible. Also, some bed risers provide extra outlets which is a fun bonus!


5. Storage Cart

Using a storage cart as a bedside table is a win-win situation because you have extra room to store your belongings while also having somewhere to place your phone, tissues and other nightstand essentials.

6. Storage ottoman

This storage hack is a triple whammy. You can fill the cube with miscellaneous items while also using the cube to step up onto the lofted bed. AND you can use it as an extra place to sit when you have friends over in your room to hang out.

7. Shower caddy

Shower caddies are great for keeping all your go-to toiletries in one spot and allows for easy transportation between your dorm room and bathroom.


8. Hooks

Whether it is a command strip hook on the wall or an over the door hanging hook, these little gadgets make a big difference in a dorm room. They are perfect for hanging wet towels or robes and they can also be a great place to put jackets and purses for easy access.

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9. Over-the-door shoe rack

An over-the-door shoe rack is great for all shoe addicts, like myself. Not only are you able to fit a lot of shoes in it, the shoe rack also makes it so much easier to see all of your options while keeping them all organized. This way you don’t have to waste time digging through a big basket trying to find the left foot of your sneakers.


10. Hanging closet organizer

These organizers can make a world of a difference in a shared closet because you can fit so many more items in much less space. If you are really trying to save space, you can even skip the over-the-door shoe rack and use one of these for both clothes and shoes!

11. Fridge shelving

One last storage hack for the most important item of all: food! This shelf allows for your microwave and other kitchen utensils to be stored on top of the fridge, keeping all items organized and taking up as little room as possible.


Do you have any storage hacks that help you store your stuff effectively? Comment below!

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