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How to Stop the Flu Before it Stops You

How to Stop the Flu Before it Stops You

While this winter took a little longer than usual to get into full swing, flu season did just the opposite of that and came in swinging wildly. Now, midterms and spring break are just around the corner and the last thing you need is to be bogged down in Miami while all of your friends are soaking up the sun. So for my first post in my “Healthy and Happy” series, I’ve put together 10 tips you can use to stop the flu…before it stops you!

1. Load up on Vitamin C.

If your roommate is getting that itchy feeling in their throat or that twisting, sour feeling in their stomach – start eating vitamin C like candy! Okay, not really, but add a tablet to your usual morning vitamins and maybe even add an orange to one of your daily meals.

2. Carry hand sanitizer everywhere!

Seriously, hand sanitezer should be your best friend. Everywhere you go, your hand san goes too. Use it after you blow your nose, touch a door handle, any time before you eat, etc. It’s one of the best weapons to stop the flu.


3. Get plenty of sleep.

When you’re stressed from finals and work and everything in between, the last thing your immune system needs is to be broken down even more because of your lack of sleep. Make sure you are getting between 7 and 9 hours every night, even if that means holding off on an extra episode on Netflix.


4. Learn the right way to cough.

Yes, yes, I know this is pre-kindergarten stuff, but coughing into your arm rather than in your hand helps prevent the spread of disease and stop the flu. But if you accidentally forget to cough into your arm, no worries, because you have your handy-dandy hand sanitizer with you!

5. Drink plenty of water.

Drinking water is the best thing you can do for yourself, in every way possible! It helps with indigestion, acne, alertness and hydration. Plus, if you are properly hydrated, your body can focus on other things…like working to stop the flu!


6. Disinfect.

You know those people who go to the gym and don’t sanitize the machines after using them? NOT cool. Think about how many other people have been sweating and spreading germs all over that machine before you hop onto your favorite treadmill or bench and make sure you wipe it down. You never know what germs could be lurking.

7. Get some Zinc.

Zinc is amazing! When I was in theater and could feel myself getting a scratchy throat, my awesome choir teacher gave me some zinc lozenges…and it changed my life. Let me tell you, these things taste awful, but they get rid of any sign of a cold within a day!

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8. Start juicing!

Stop the flu AND enjoy something that tastes delicious? Sounds great! I personally work at a smoothie bar and we love coming up with new juices that are jam packed with Vitamin C. Try adding ginger for a quick boost and a little extra spice. My favorite concoction is carrots, apple, orange juice, spinach and loads of ginger! And ask if they have any supplements to add for a bit of an immune boost.

9. Try essential oils.

My aunt recently got me hooked on essential oils. I am currently treating a bit of alopecia areata and I use the essential oils to help with the symptoms. Lavender, or even any pre-made immune booster will help keep the flu at bay!

10. Steer clear of the infected!

Now don’t quarantine yourself, but try to avoid anyone that is coming down with something nasty. If you can, use every tip from above and hopefully your spring break will be sunny and beautiful instead of sneezy and breezy.

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