10 Stereotypes Of Millennials That Aren’t True

Older generations always seem to label younger generations, and millennials are no exception. They have been the butt of many stereotypes. While some people fit these stereotypes, most do not. Here are 10 stereotypes of millennials that just aren’t true.

1. Millennials are selfish and narcissistic.

While some millennials may fit this description, it certainly does not fit everyone. There are selfish and narcissistic people in every generation. Millennials actually care about others for the most part and are always looking for ways to give back!

2. Millennials are lazy.

This is simply not true. Many millennials work multiple jobs to afford things that they should be able to afford with just a full-time job. They work hard for everything they have and do not expect things to be handed to them.

3. Millennials have a bad work ethic.

Millennials actually know how to get work done. They have the ability to work hard and smart in order to get their tasks done and have the necessary tools to do so. As mentioned before, many have multiple jobs to afford things they want and need.

4. Millennials are not educated and do not like school.

While some millennials are on career paths that do not require education past high school, many millennials are getting Associate’s degrees or technical school certifications, because most jobs these days require at least a two-year degree.

5. Millennials are worthless to corporations.

Millennials have technology skills that many older people in companies do not understand. They also understand social media more and are more adaptable when new technology comes in. They are invaluable to companies because of everything they bring to the table.

6. Millennials do not know how to handle money.

In today’s world, everything from education to rent is expensive. Millennials usually have to pay more for basic needs, rent, and student loans. The job market is difficult these days, so they are usually left working multiple jobs with low income.

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7. Millennials can’t live without their parents.

Many millennials are living with their parents to help save money while they find a solid job. Millennials are capable of living without their parents and are independent, but usually cannot because of cost. There are plenty of millennials who are living on their own.

8. Millennials are addicted to social media.

While millennials are seemingly always on social media, they also crave real-world experiences. More than ever, millennials want to travel and do things, and not just for “likes.” They want to make the most of their lives, and they use social media as a tool to do so, not as a crutch.

9. Millennials only want to party.

Millennials are hardworking individuals who have little time for partying. They are working hard to pay rent and to pay off student loans. They are also giving back when possible. Partying only happens on occasion, and millennials are more focused on more important things. There are several stereotypes of millennials that are so not true!

10. Millennials are materialistic.

Sure, millennials are working more, but that is because their rent is high and student loans are a real issue. They do not have the means to buy meaningless things that have no real purpose in their lives. Millennials are also more focused on experiences like travel than materialistic items.

What do you think of these stereotypes of millennials? Let us know in the comments below!
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