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5 Steps To Take If You’re Failing A College Class

5 Steps To Take If You’re Failing A College Class

Feel like you’re failing a college course? Don’t know what to do? Are you struggling to keep your grades up when you know some professors don’t do makeups on assignments?Well, you’re not alone. Keep reading for five tips on doing a better job with your academics if you feel you are failing a college class.

1. Let your Professor immediately.

Don’t delay. You always want to make sure the professor is on the same page with you when it comes to your grades. Letting them know if you’re having trouble with the class can help them understand what you might need help with in the future.

Also, letting your professor know ahead of time about any challenges you are facing inside our outside of the classroom will eliminate them assuming you’re making up excuses when it comes time for an assessment.



2. Find a tutor.

Tutoring is the key to help you understand the class material a lot better instead of just winging it. During your free time you can go to your tutoring center to take a few minutes on what you need to work on and get a better understanding towards the class material if you think you might fail.

3. Speak with students who already had the class or professor.

Having a conversation with one of your classmates who had that difficult class before you will be extremely beneficial. They have already gone through what you’re currently going through, and if they can’t help you to learn the material they can help you learn how to the assessments are, how the professor grades, and what material the professor likes to assess on the most.


4. Utilize the helpful resources your school has to offer.

No matter which school you attend, I guarantee there are helpful academic resources available to all students. Visiting the library and asking for help finding resources, utilizing the writing and math centers, and looking into mentor programs are all great ideas.

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5. Attend your professor’s office hours.

Even if you have already alerted your professor to the fact that you are worried about your grade in their class, show them you are serious about making up for it by attending their office hours for extra help. Most of the time professors will even review questions that are going to be on the next exam and let you know which specific areas to study more than others.

Last words of advice:

I do recommend that no matter what happens, don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions during class, seek help from a tutor, and nag your professor until you start to receive better grades. As long as you show you are trying your hardest (and you actually are) no bad can come out of that!

What do you recommend students do if they are failing a college class? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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