10 Steps To Getting A Fuckboy To Fall In Love With You

Have you ever wondered how to make a fuckboy fall in love with you? Here's a step by step guide that just might help you, or at least make you change your mind.

There is always going to be a time in a woman’s life when she wants a fuckboy to fall in love with her. We just can’t help the attraction, the chase, and the desire to make someone, that is so unattainable, attainable. The problem is, a fuckboy is complex in the sense that they don’t really seem like they have the capacity to love, so how can a woman really make that happen? Here are 10 steps you can take to make a fuckboy fall in love with you.

1. Don’t commit to them.

It seems contradicting, but in order to make a fuckboy fall in love with you—you can’t actually commit to them. These type of boys love a chase. If they know they have you, they’ll get over you just as quickly. You must act like you have other options, even if you don’t. Never be quick to give him anything, especially your own love.

10 Steps To Getting A Fuckboy To Fall In Love With You

2. Drink him under the table (or at least keep up).

A stereotypical fuckboy will most likely have a drinking problem. This means he will be living a party life and you’ll have to keep up with him in order for him to have any interest. He wants someone who can drink alongside him without ending up on the floor at the end of the night. These boys care about their image and the last thing they want is to be seen with a girl who ends up puking in the toilet on the nights you spend out drinking with his friends.

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3. Don’t get upset when he’s with other girls.

Let’s be honest, a fuckboy is a fuckboy because he gets with a lot of girls. This means, you have to accept that fact in order to actually obtain any kind of relationship with him. To get a fuckboy to fall in love with you, you have to let him free to do his own thing and this includes being with other girls. It’s the reason his ego is so large in the first place. He doesn’t want to change and he especially doesn’t want a woman to try to change him.

4. Be with other guys.

Make sure you are also playing the field, but not too much. A fuckboy will never explicitly show his jealousy, but he does still feel it. He will want you more, knowing that other guys want you as well. So, make sure you’re demonstrating that you’re also hooking up with other people. Not too much though, or else he will think you’re easy. Confusing? Yes, but so is a fuckboy’s mentality.

10 Steps To Getting A Fuckboy To Fall In Love With You

5. Text sparingly.

STOP TEXTING FIRST. A fuckboy will never love a girl who is needy. As stated before, he’s in love with the chase. Make him sweat it out a little before you get back to him. If you’re not busy, because you’re thinking about him too much—you need to make yourself busy. Get a job, get friends, start a creative project—anything that will prevent you from double, triple and quadruple texting him when he doesn’t respond. He doesn’t like that. At all.

6. Send him funny memes.

Fuckboys are usually simple minded. This means they rely on humor as their main source of conversation. Make sure you are up to date on the most humorous memes. Make sure you don’t send him ones he’s already seen. Make sure the humor is self-deprecating. They love when you poke fun at yourself or even at them, because most likely they’re already thinking the same thing.

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7. Be active on snapchat

A fuckboy’s main source of communication will most likely be snapchat. Short mind spans crave it’s quick snippets of information, which also includes nudes. Not that you should send them nudes, but they’re most likely receiving them. So, if you ever want to see or talk to them it will be through Snapchat. Make sure you’re posting interesting things—like partying and socializing, but never of you reading books are doing anything intellectual. That will only bore them.

10 Steps To Getting A Fuckboy To Fall In Love With You

8. Hang out with hot girls.

Fuckboys love the idea of being around a lot of good looking girls. This means that he will be more likely to show interest in being around you, if you are known to hang out with a bunch of other good looking girls. Just make sure they’re not too much better looking than you, because then he’ll leave you for them in a heartbeat.

10 Steps To Getting A Fuckboy To Fall In Love With You

9. Don’t ever show that you’re in love with him.

That’s right. In order for a fuckboy to fall in love with you, you can’t show that you have fallen in love with him—otherwise you’ve completely forgotten all of the steps above and it won’t ever happen. When you fall in love, you become vulnerable. You become soft and open. You want to care for and respect the person you love. It’s something a respectable man would appreciate, but a fuckboy will be completely avoidant of. He won’t know what to do with your love besides run away from it.

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10. Be a fuckgirl.

You accept the love you think you deserve. Deep down, a fuckboy knows he doesn’t deserve love from a respectable, intelligent, vulnerable woman or girl. What he does deserve is someone on the same level as him. You must limit yourself to be on his level in order to gain that acceptance into his life. The question you must ask yourself is this: Is he really even worth it?

10 Steps To Getting A Fuckboy To Fall In Love With You

Do you think these steps are worth getting the love and affection of a fuckboy? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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