5 Steps To Get Through A Panic Attack (For People With Anxiety)

5 Steps To Get Through A Panic Attack (For People With Anxiety)

Like it or not, sometimes you cannot avoid facing problems that have to do with your mental health. They occur from the simplest of things and sometimes they just happen out of the blue. Please do bear in mind that mental health issues do not discriminate. From general anxiety to panic attacks and feelings of despair, most of us feel the stresses like these at some point throughout life.

I myself have always faced problems when it came to my mental health so I thought I would write this article to shine some light on the issue and hopefully be able to help!

1. Take a deep breath and find your immediate coping strategy

During (or straight after) an attack, the best thing to do is take a deep breath. It may sound obvious, but in moments like this, even being able to breathe properly we completely take for granted.

The recommended way of doing this is breathing in through your nose and out for your mouth, counting to 10 until your breathing is slowed.

Following this, it’s important to find your immediate coping strategy. This is something that you enjoy and can do instantly, that will help to relax you. Doing something that makes you happy and calm is the best panic attack help.

Whether it’s a book, podcast or your favorite Netflix show – do something quick and easy that will distract you for a moment. Do whatever is best for you when it comes to dealing with your mental health! If you are in desperate need of help, you can call the NHS on 111.

5 Steps To Get Through A Panic Attack (For People With Anxiety)

2. Talk to a friend

If you’re not comfortable speaking to a doctor or professional, the first step is to confide in a friend. They say ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ and having a good support network around you is key to dealing with anxiety.

Talking to a friend can be one of the best ways for dealing with mental health issues and a life saver for panic attack help.

If you don’t have a family member or friend that you can speak to, then look online for your local support group to speak to people who understand exactly how you’re feeling. Rethink offers a number of free group services, you can find your local one here: https://www.rethink.org/services-groups/support-groups

5 Steps To Get Through A Panic Attack (For People With Anxiety)

3. Exercise & Staying Physically Healthy

When you’re feeling down the last thing that you’ll probably want to do is get up and move around. These things can affect your physical health as well as your mental state, often making you feel fatigued and lacking motivation.

However, scientific evidence has proven that exercise – even just a little bit – can have a massive positive impact on your frame of mind.

That’s not saying that you need to book yourself in for the next London marathon, but even getting outside for a 10-minute walk and increasing your physical activity from there is a great starting point.

Exercise is one of the best panic attack help mechanisms out there, I think personally!

5 Steps To Get Through A Panic Attack (For People With Anxiety)

4. Do Not Sit In Silence!

As hard as you may find it,  you need to try your best to speak to someone about what you are dealing with and they may be able to help you with your panic attack. When it comes to regular anxiety attacks and mental health issues, if they are left untreated and become a regular occurrence, your long term mental health will be affected and getting over your anxiety will become harder the longer you leave it. There are plenty of people to talk to, whether it be a doctor, a family member, your partner or even a teacher. You do not have to suffer in silence and there is help out there for you!

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5 Steps To Get Through A Panic Attack (For People With Anxiety)

5. Just Remember To Try And Love Yourself!

9 times out of 10, mental health issues are spawned on by a lack of self-esteem and hatred for yourself. You need to make sure that you know that you are a good person and all of this is just something that is essential in your head. If you learn to love yourself, getting through anxiety and panic attack will become a lot easier!

5 Steps To Get Through A Panic Attack (For People With Anxiety)

If you are struggling with anxiety, panic attacks or mental health issues, please see the links below for further support…

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Your Mental Health is no joke and there are plenty of different ways you can relieve help from others as well as ways you can help yourself. Never sit in silence! If you have any other ways that you cope with your mental health issues or panic attacks and you feel comfortable sharing them, then please do let us know in the comments!

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