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Helpful Steps To Funding Your Internship When It Is Unpaid

Helpful Steps To Funding Your Internship When It Is Unpaid

Have you ever wondered how you are supposed to go about funding your internship when it is unpaid and you still need to live? Check out our helpful list.

Students know that internships are important in order to get relevant experience in their field. However, most internships are unpaid, which turns many students off with the need to pay for school and living expenses. Even with a busy schedule between classes, student organizations, and an internship, it is still possible to bring in at least some money for funding your internship?. Keep in mind, though, that you will need to budget your money tightly to accommodate for travel to and from your internship.

1. Nanny or babysit

Nannying or babysitting is a great way to make some extra cash. If you intern from 9-5 and are taking an online class, many kids go to school or preschool, so they can be taken to school before you head to your internship and can be picked up afterward. You will have time to get school work done after you get home from nannying. On days you do not intern, you can schedule day classes or pick up an additional family to babysit or nanny for, especially if they have younger kids. Would you use this tactic for funding your internship?

2. Tutor other students

Tutoring is an easy way to pick up a few extra dollars. Many colleges have tutoring centers, so you can work between classes when you are not interning. There are also a variety of websites that offer tutoring online and allow you to choose a schedule that works for you or log in whenever you have some free time. Tutoring centers off-campus allow you to interact with younger students. If you are planning on going into teaching someday, having tutoring on your resume will help you stand out.


3. Sell your unwanted items

Chances are, you have a bunch of things you do not need or clothes you no longer wear. Maybe you have textbooks that are so last semester that you have no plans for looking at ever again. If you live in a dorm or a small apartment, you do not have a lot of room to spare, so selling your unwanted things at yard sales or on online platforms gives you an opportunity to bring in some extra money while de-cluttering your space. This is the most flexible way to make extra money. Would you use this tactic for funding your internship?

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4. Pick up some freelance gigs

Are you going into writing or marketing? Do you have a keen eye for design or for editing? There are a lot of online platforms for freelancers to find gigs. Fiverr is the most popular, but others exist. These websites allow users to post their gigs, which tells what kind of skillset you are hoping to sell and people who need your skills will contact you through the site. Payment is also processed through the site, and the transactions are monitored by the site for safety accuracy of delivery.


5. Ask friends and neighbors if you can do some yard work.

Yard work is tedious and time-consuming. Most people would rather spend this time with their family or friends. Use this to your advantage. Ask friends, family, or neighbors if they would like you to do their yard work. You can even shovel driveways in the winter. This kind of gig allows you to be flexible in your schedule, especially when it snows and your internship company closes for the day or you have fall or spring break and only intern a couple days a week. Would you use this tactic for funding your internship?

Which of these ways to go about funding your internship are you going to try? Let us know below.

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