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Steps to Decorate Your Apartment

Steps to Decorate Your Apartment

Everyone wants to have that Instagram or Pinterest level apartment. Whether this is your first apartment or your last, you want it to look amazing. While the bones of an apartment can’t really be changed, there are a lot of other aspects of your newfound home that can. Here are some of the best ways to decorate an apartment and feel like home.

Apartments are notorious for not being flexible. There is a very long list of things you can’t do to an apartment that you could in your own home. The walls have to be in perfect condition when you leave, which prevents people from really putting much on them in the first place. While this might be frustrating, you can do a few things to make your space look incredible without going the whole nine yards and wrecking the kitchen or pulling up the carpet.


Wild Wallpaper

Wallpaper seems like a thing of the past, but I promise you it is totally making a comeback. I know you will say it is a total pain to deal with, and I can’t put wallpaper on my wall. HOWEVER, there is lovely removable wallpaper that will make your space brighter, more exciting, and texturally diverse. A great brand to investigate for this is Wallblush. The wallpaper comes in so many colorful patterns and textures that you will find one you are obsessed with. While wallpaper seems a bit outdated, there are tons of ways to decorate with it, from putting it all over your wall to only incorporating it in small sections. Adding a texture or color to your space will change the entire look and give you some depth when you add to the space with furniture or further decorations.

Color Coordination

Wallpaper is a great place to start when adding depth and dimension while you decorate, but you can incorporate so much more with paint. It is enjoyable to look at paint colors and visualize how a room will look in that color. Some apps can help with this process if you struggle to imagine how a color will work. Search for some inspiration photos of colors you are obsessed with and how to pair them with other colors. There really isn’t a way you can go wrong with choosing colors unless you have preexisting furniture that is a bold color theme. If you don’t have any preexisting items, feel free to select the colors that best suit you. Choose a color that feels like an extension of yourself. If you hate yellow, obviously go with something else. Colors make us feel specific ways, so be sure to choose one that makes you feel happy or calm.


Paint Application

Applying paint to a space can be done with very minimalistic tendencies and very loud tendencies. You can apply paint to create a texture or just to accent a wall. This is an excellent idea for an apartment space because everything is reversible afterward. Choosing a contrasting color to a prominent piece of furniture will make the area come to life. If you are looking for something more subtle, choose a color that compliments or runs in the same family as the main piece of furniture. If you think it will look plain, the space can always be livened up with additional decorations.


The Need to Accent

So many accent pieces can contribute to a space that doesn’t damage walls. Picking out incredibly unique items is a fun way to build your space. Instead of heading straight to Ikea, take some time to look for older pieces that speak to you. Find something that has a history and incorporate it into your space. Beauty is in the details, and it doesn’t have to happen right away. Take some time and preplan what you want your space to convey. Artwork can take you a long way, but so can freestanding pieces such as coffee tables, nightstands, lamps, plants, throws, pillows, and rugs. Incorporating these pieces into your space will give it more texture and feeling. For many of these items you should choose to coordinate them with the rest of your furniture. Let the texture do the talking. Other things can bring some more vibrancy and color into the space. The key is finding balance. Most people want to continue adding until the look is almost overbearing. Removing items from a space is arguably more beneficial for the overall look. Take your time looking for things that really work in your decorated space.

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The Subsection

Accent pieces can do a lot to a space, and so can rugs. Rugs are an incredible way to decorate and create a whole new space within a space. Think of the common library setup. There is often a bookcase in the background, a comfortable chair, a side table, and a lamp in the foreground. Maybe there is even a plant. Under that layout is a rug. While the library is the main focus, there is a place designed entirely for comfort and ease, which is specially set apart with the inclusion of the rug. Think of a rug as a subsection of the main theme. It should all still work together, but there should be subtle differences in that space as well. Don’t be afraid to change the look of the space by adding a rug and unique features on the rug.

To decorate well, be sure to have a plan in mind. Many people jump right into it with minimal forward-thinking. Take your time and plan what you want to do to decorate the best space possible. Create depth with easily removable features, creating a versatile space. Bring out your true personality with color, texture, art, and furniture. If you don’t like something, remove it. Or keep it there for the next 10 years; it won’t bother me any.

What key features do you look for in a well-decorated room? How would you decorate an apartment utilizing some of the ideas listed above?