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10 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

10 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

One of the greatest this or that questions is morning or night. I know, not that exciting, but its some that that needs to be discussed. The obvious answer is morning and we’re here to tell you how you can be one too. We know all you die hard night owls love a cozy moody aesthetic with the preferred witching hours of 1-3am, but after one week of following these tips and tricks of how to become a morning person you’ll never go back.

1. Wake up to natural light

Have you ever wondered why you feel so tired at the beginning of daylight savings even days after turning the clocks back? 4:30 feels like the new 8:30. It’s because our circadian rhythm naturally responds the light outside. Our body clocks see how dark it is outside and we think it’s time to unwind. Well it works the same way with the sun. Being woken up by the sun is a great way to get your body to respond to waking up earlier. Rise with the sun!

10 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person


2. Make a schedule

Creating and sticking to a schedule is key for becoming a morning person. As a person who likes mornings, I prefer to take my time and not rush around so I ensure that I create a schedule so I can enjoy my morning. Whether you write it out on the note on your phone, in a planner, or set alarms to keep you on track, you will feel totally accomplished on you make your way through your schedule for the morning.

10 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

3. Establish a strong night routine

The best way to prepare for the day is the night before. We’ve talked before about the importance of having a strong nighttime routine. If you stay up late with nothing prepared you are sure to have a more chaotic morning because nothing is ready. Try packing your bag the night before, or even packing your lunch. I find that creating a to-do list or filling out my planner the night before helps me stay on track the next morning. Even picking out your outfit or prepping your food for the next day can be a total life saver. You can customize your own routine to fit whatever needs you need covered. I like to incorporate an easy but soothing skincare routine to help relax me for the night! You should try it!


4. Do something productive

Ticking off a few boxes right in the morning is the best way to KEEP you moving. You already did a few things so why get back into bed? Right when you get up do a few things that will make it so you don’t get your tush back in bed. Put on your contacts, brush your teeth and make your bed. Check your to-do list you created the night before to see the other little things you can accomplish before getting your day started.

10 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

5. Workout

This one is a tough-y for everyone. Working out especially working out consistently is not an easy feat. Slowly try to add a quick workout to your mornings. It will give you more energy throughout the day and make you feel totally accomplished. Don’t go full steam ahead right away. That is a recipe for burnout. Start out with a morning walk or a quick 30 minute MadFit YouTube video. As the weeks go on, add longer and more variety to your workouts. You will be unstoppable!


10 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

6. Smart Alarm

This will be helpful if you’re a total nightmare to wake up. Still having issues getting up and at ‘em? Try downloading an alarm application that helps track your sleep and wake you up in different ways. Try a few out and see which you like the best. Some alarms are able to track your sleep and monitor your sounds. They also wake you up slowly out of your rem sleep so you feel less exhausted. Need a different try of get up? Test out Math Alarm. This alarm makes you solve a math equation in order to turn the alarm off! Sounds pretty brutal, but whatever works for you!

7. Capitalize on Sleepiness

When you first start waking up early, don’t do it cold turkey, unless you know you thrive better that way. When trying to become more of a morning person, ease yourself into waking up early by 15- or 30-minute increments. This way you won’t be a walking zombie for a week. If you normally get up at 9, try getting up at 8:45 and then the next day at 8:30. Try this for a few weeks until you get to your desired time. Don’t forget about the other help tips we gave you along the way. Those will be sure to help too.

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8. Make it enjoyable

Getting up early isn’t as miserable as everyone makes it out to be. Implement a few small things into your daily morning routines so that it’s a small reward for your consistency. Go out and buy yourself your favorite coffee as a treat or let yourself sleep in extra over the weekend. You can even create a nice relaxing morning routine, so every morning feels special and calming. Make your more something that is only for you. A peaceful and relaxing time for you to reflect and set intentions for your day ahead. Implement your favorite small bits of joy like listening to your favorite playlist while you get ready or not rushing to finish your coffee. By doing this you always have something to look forward to when you are getting up.

10 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

9. Move the alarm clock

Even after all of these tips and tricks for becoming a morning person and you’re still having trouble getting up in the morning? Try setting up your phone to charge in the bathroom or across the room. That way when the alarm goes off, you physically have to get up to turn it off. No reason to go lay back down if you’re already up. Go brush your teeth and make your bed. Put on some morning tunes and get to groovin’.

10. Be Consistent

You don’t have to be a slave to your alarm or your schedule. Waking up early and becoming a morning person doesn’t have to be unenjoyable and taking a break is okay. But a big key, especially at the beginning, is to stay consistent. Holding yourself accountable will ensure that you are forming strong habits from the beginning. Plus, when you’re more consistent, there are more reasons to treat yourself! 

There are so many upsides to being a morning person. You’re more productive, you have more energy throughout the day, you don’t feel as if most of your day is wasted after getting up at 1pm, and you get to spend more time with other because you will be on the same schedule! Adjusting your sleep schedule can be tough at first, but will be totally worth it once you start seeing the benefits from it all!