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10 Steamy Places To Hook Up Besides The Bedroom

10 Steamy Places To Hook Up Besides The Bedroom

There are so many places to hook up better than a bedroom. Mix it up a little by using this as a checklist for you and your SO!

Whether you’re in a new relationship or an old one, finding a new place to do the deed is always exciting. Once you hook up in a new place, every time you go there you’ll remember your special time there and get excited. It makes even the most mundane places into fun little secret places to hook up for you and your lover!

1. Classroom

A classroom is a great place to try some roleplaying too! One of you can be the teacher and one can be the student trying to get some extra credit. *wink wink* If you live near a college, try to sneak into one of the buildings over the summer because your chances of getting caught are a lot slimmer!

Mix up your sex life with these exciting places to hook up!

2. Outside

You can really get creative and bold with this one. For a first timer, you could try a fenced in backyard or the woods for some more privacy. If you’re really trying to get risky, you could go to a park (that’s empty, please!!) and get it on. Just remember to lay down a blanket so you don’t get rocks, twigs and mud in places they should never be!

3. Kitchen

You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your house for this one! By simply changing rooms in your house, things get a lot steamier. Some of my favorite ways for kitchen hookups are to sit on the counter during or to get up on a (sturdy!) table.

4. Floor

This will definitely bring you back to high school when you’d try to be sneaky and hook up in your basement on the floor. But you can totally spruce this up in order to make it new and fun! Make a “bed” on the floor with a bunch of blankets, turn the lights down low, light some candles and maybe even put a fire on for some real romance!

Mix up your sex life with these exciting places to hook up!

5. Car

Here’s another high school throwback! But once again, you can totally make this more adult with some subtle changes. Instead of hooking up in the mall parking lot, drive out to a scenic view! Put the seats back, lay down some blankets, and turn on your favorite sexy playlist to make the car your own romantic getaway.

6. Dressing Room

If you’re looking for a thrill here’s a great one for you! Make sure you choose a store where there aren’t attendants so you can have some sort of privacy. A way to spice this one up is to try on some clothes you wouldn’t normally wear and then get it on in the dressing room.

7. Elevator

This is one of those places to hook up that’s only for those people who are really looking for a risk. The chances of someone walking in on you are super high, but that can totally be a rush. Try to pick a place where people don’t ride the elevator too much!

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Mix up your sex life with these exciting places to hook up!

8. Hotel

While this is still technically a bedroom, there’s just something about hotels that feel so different. If you’re going to do something more kinky than normal or just something new and different, doing it in a hotel room is a great place!

9. Restroom

If you want to play it safe, do it in a family bathroom where it’s just one room and a lock. But if you’re trying to be frisky, go into the normal bathroom and have fun in the stall!

10. Coatroom

A super fun way to hookup in the coatroom at a party would be to go to a party and pretend like you and your partner are meeting for the first time. The initial rush of hitting it off with someone new is so exciting and sexy. Once the tension has built up so much during the party, the two of you can sneak away to the coatroom and really get to know each other.

What are your favorite out-of-the-norm places to hook up? Put it in the comments!