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Staying Motivated Your Last College Semester

After years of hard work and stress, the time has finally come for you to graduate. You only have a few months left, but you still struggle while cramming for the next exam, going to class, and keeping up with the assignments. It doesn’t help when the senioritis has started to kick in, and you struggle with even the most minor task, almost like your body knows it’s almost time for your school years to end.

This article will go over some ways to help you cope with your final months of college.

1. Take it one day at a time

This one is simple, but try not to stress about the next day. We know it’s hard to sit down and not stress about what will happen the next day or even in the next few hours, but working on taking it one day at a time can decrease your anxieties. 

Try starting off small, and plan out an hour or two to do something relaxing that you enjoy doing. You can meditate, journal, or pick up a new hobby. Instead of stressing about your school work, try to focus on your life outside of school and work.

2. Keep a detailed planner

This is not everyone, but it may help to put down your assignments on paper for you to see. Having a calendar or planner where you can write down your assignments, tests, classes, or study groups can help you stay organized and up to date on your school work. There’s nothing worst than accidentally missing an assignment because there are too many places to check for due dates.

If you are in a physical or zoom class, write down a due date when the teacher mentions it. If you are online, go through the syllabus for each class and write down important dates the teacher mentions or posts about.

You can get creative and decorate your planner any way you’d like. You can color code your classes, place stickers in important spots, or keep them simple with your favorite pen. 

3. Don’t overwork yourself

Picture this: you are at your desk taking notes and studying for an upcoming test. You may not realize or feel it at the moment, but you have been sitting for hours without a break, staring at your computer screen or iPad.

Instead of doing this, try studying in bursts of 1-2 hours instead. Remember to take breaks every 10-30 minutes so that you can stretch and get some water. It’s essential to stay hydrated and eat while in the study zone. Make sure you have brain fuel. 

During a break, try to get some fresh air or have a different place to study. Instead of studying in your room, go to the library or a coffee shop. Sometimes, it can help to be productive when you change your scenery. 

4. Make time for your friends

Instead of going straight home or to your dorm to study, try to make time for your friends around you. It’s nice to share a class with someone because you and your friends can walk to your favorite places to eat and have a nice lunch together. Take this time to be young and social, and enjoy speaking to them about anything you can think of. If you don’t feel like eating, make it a mission to set aside some time to watch a movie or walk around campus together.

5. Prepare your graduation outfit

Yes, it might be a few months away, but what’s the harm in planning a little far ahead? It’s like when you are getting ready for your first day of school and have your clothes picked out so you can focus on your hair in the morning. Instead, it’s picking out a few months in advance so that you can spoil yourself. You are graduating, and if you are walking (or just celebrating), you deserve to spoil yourself for working hard and getting through the 2-4 years of school.

Plan on getting your hair done by someone or figure out what hairstyle you’ll do, whether you want to get a haircut or learn how to curl your hair. If you wear makeup, go all out, more than you usually do. It’s your big day, so if you want to wear some bold makeup, then do it! Lastly, buy a new outfit for graduating – like a lovely dress, new pants, new shirts, or new shoes. You deserve it.

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6. Reward yourself

This connects to the previous tip, but you have worked hard to get through high school and college. You have had countless late nights studying, crying about the future, and wondering if you’re doing the right thing. No matter what, you pushed through and did everything you could, which is inspiring! 

It does not matter how your journey looks, whether it took you a few years longer than everyone else, whether you’re the oldest in your classroom, or if you took time off before graduating. You worked hard to get where you are now, and graduating or not, you put the work in. You should be able to reward yourself for being strong and persistent. 

It doesn’t have to be anything big. You can treat yourself to your favorite snack or drink for completing a test. Did you finally finish that big research paper? Then reward yourself with a smoothie from your favorite smoothie place! If you want to go big, then buy yourself something you’ve been eying at the store, even if it’s just a pack of pens or a piece of clothing.

We know these last few months of college can be stressful. The world is suddenly becoming a place where you must be an adult, but you can get through this. These tips are a few ways to help you stay motivated and stress-free during your final moments of school, and hopefully, they help!

Let us know in the comments below whether these tips helped you or if you have any tips for other students! Good luck with your final semester. 

Lillian Nichols

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