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15 Staycation Ideas You Can Do By Yourself

15 Staycation Ideas You Can Do By Yourself

Are you ready for a break from work but don't have enough money to really go anywhere? Try out some of these staycation ideas!

When money is tight but it time to take a break from life, staycations are the next best thing to a vacation. With staycations, you not only get to miss the hassle and headache of planning and catching flights, but you get more time because you travel from you living room to your town. Here are some great ideas for how to make the best of the staycation.

1. Take A Hike

Dust off those old hiking boots and get out there for some fresh air. Hikes are great for getting away from your normal routine as well as paired with some exersise, will have you feeling refreshed and renewed.

2. Go To A Movie Midday

No crowds, pick of the best seats, what could be better. Check out some of your must see movies while you basically have your own private theater. This staycation idea gets you out of the house for little but but should wear you out.


3. Actually Reading That Book

That book that is taking up space on your night stand or under your bed. Pick it up and see if you can’t get into it to help you unwind and relax. Reading is great way to spend your time without turning off your brain completely. Even if they are just short stories, find a book that grabs your interest.

4. Bake Something From Scratch

If cooking or baking doesn’t stress you out, find a recipe and try making something completely from scratch. Put on some music and take your time trying to make something new and fun. And if it comes out great, you will get to have yourself a treat.

5. Doing Something Touristy In Your Own City

Make the best of your time off by doing something touristy in your own city. Take the time the get to know the best spots and local dives. Staycation ideas don’t always have to mean staying in doors, but means you can explore whats right in front of you.


6. Breakfast In Bed

There is something so comforting about having breakfast in bed. Grab your favorite coffee and take the morning to do absolutely nothing. You can read the newspaper or your favorite magazine and spend the morning in a very lazy way.

7. Spa Days

Get some of those great face masks and bath bombs. Light some candles and throw on some music to relax away the day. This staycation idea is all about pampering yourself and rejuvenation. Don’t forget that during your staycation you want to make sure you are taking the time to feel beautiful.

8. Zoo Or Aquarium

It’s time to get in touch with your inner child and go the zoo or aquarium. There is something relaxing about wandering around and see the animals from your childhood field trips.


9. Movie Marathon

Settle down in your living room and grab some popcorn and Red Vines. Take the time of enjoy your favorite series all in a row, like they were meant to be enjoyed.

10. Reconnecting With Friends

Now is the time to reconnect with that old friend that can’t seem to match your crazy schedule. Plan a time that works with them and reconnect for some good friend time. Staycations ideas don’t always involve just you, but you can add some friends in the feel connected.

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11. Solo Brunch

Having a meal out by yourself is a great way to settle your mind and enjoy some great food. Brunch is great because usually places aren’t too busy (on a weekday) and you can relax in the casual environment. Grab a book or a download a podcast and enjoy the alone time.

12. Art Projects

Break out the old supplies and research new projects that will keep your hands busy and your mind free. This is a great way to unwind and let your creative side out.

13. Check Out A Local Bakery Or Coffee Shop

This is the time to try out some of the local places that you have been dying to try. Grab some sticky buns or a cup of coffee and see if it lives up to the hype. You can settle in and enjoy it at the shop or stroll down the street.


14. Photo Outing

If pictures and views are your thing, research the best places to get a great picture. Take a small road trip, if thats what it takes, and enjoy the views and the great instagram shot. This is one of our favorite staycation ideas!

15. Thrift Store Shopping

Get into some of your local thrift stores and find all those buried treasures. There is endless possibilities when it comes to thrift stores, which the fun of it. This is one of the best staycation ideas!

These staycation ideas are a great way to have a break without having to leave your town. Sometimes you need a break without the hassle of traveling. What’s your favorite staycation activity? Let us know in the comments below.
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