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10 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

10 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas


Everybody has those nights where they just want to stay in the house instead of going out. Let’s be honest, going out every weekend gets tiring and boring. Sometimes, we’re just in the mood to stay in with our significant other and spend some quality time together. Here are ten fun and easy stay-at-home date night ideas perfect for those weekends when you just want to stay home with your boo.

1. Netflix & Chill

Probably everyone’s first idea when it comes to staying in is to just “Netflix and chill”. Now, this in itself can consist of many different options, but the best is really just how it is called. Pull up your Netflix account, order in some Chinese or pizza, and chill. It’s really that easy and it allows for quality cuddling time together.


2. Homework Night

This may seem like it’s only for high school or college students, but I know plenty of people who are older and completing their Masters or PhD online and put time aside to complete the work they need to get done. Not only are you able to get your homework done, but you’re able to do it with your significant other, and you can always make it fun by involving music or a movie in the background.



3. Cooking Together

One of the best ways to make things fun and intimate with your significant other on a boring night at home is to cook together! Look up some fun recipes that you will both enjoy, turn the music up and help each other around in the kitchen. Not only will you learn to cook something new, but once it’s all said and done, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy what you both made.

4. Play Board/Card Games

I’m not sure if this is considered old school, or if people still play board games or card games, but I personally love them and think that it’s so fun to bring the competitive side out of your relationship. Old school games make for great stay-at-home date night ideas. Games like Monopoly, Scattergories, Uno (my personal favorite!), Life or Apples to Apples can quickly bring out your competitive side and help bring out another side of your relationship that you possibly haven’t seen before.


5. Watch Sports Together

Another one of my personal favorites, mostly because I love football and my significant other happens to love the same team as I do (Cowboys Nation!), but watching any sport with your significant other can be fun, energetic, and you can always make bets on who will win and pick surprising prizes for the winner. It’s too easy to sit on the couch, put on your favorite jersey, eat some chips and salsa, and enjoy the game!


6. Breaking Records

I have yet to complete this one but it is definitely on my bucket list. Go through the Guinness Book of World Records, find a record that hasn’t been beaten that you can easily complete in your living room, and try to beat it! Something fun and easy to help pass the time, and if one record doesn’t work, you can always find another.

7. Picnic Date

Similar to cooking together, but cheaper and you can enjoy a beautiful sunset at the same time! Gather your favorite snacks, drinks, set up a relaxing playlist of your favorite music and enjoy the afternoon with your significant other. A picnic date is my person favorite out of the stay-at-home date night ideas.


8. Cuddle by The Fire (Or Heater)

I don’t know about you all, but there’s nothing I love more than laying in the arms of my significant other and just talking. Sometimes, it’s best to put away the electronics, get away from the social networks, and just have real, meaningful conversations about anything and everything. Talk about your day, the future, or even good memories, just enjoy the time spent together!

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9. Give Each Other Massages

Use google or YouTube to find quick lessons and go at it! Not only can this be a fun little time passer but it can lead to a very cute and romantic night, and who doesn’t love one of those?


10. Breakfast for Dinner in Bed

Not only do you get to eat breakfast for dinner, but you get to do it in bed too! Make your favorite breakfast foods, pick a show or movie to watch and enjoy the evening with your breakfast and bae in bed. It’s one of the comfiest stay-at-home date night ideas.

What are your favorite stay-at-home date night ideas? Share in the comments below!
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