10 Statements Shoes You Need To Add To Your Work Wardrobe

Statement shoes will spice up your work wardrobe! When your wardrobe only consists of neutrals, work fashion can become boring and overdone. What you need to feel excited and inspired about your closet again are some statement pieces that will revitalize and freshen up your looks. Here are 10 statement shoes that you absolutely need to add to your work wardrobe.

1. Embroidered Loafers

Give your work outfit a masculine touch with these embroidered loafers! The velvet material and embroidery gives your outfit a luxe and masculine touch. Whether you have an outfit you want to elevate or you want to ground an overly girly look, these loafers are a must-have for your work wardrobe.

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2. Cheetah Print Pumps

These pumps might be wild but you can treat animal print like another neutral in your closet. So, instead of reaching for your black or nude pumps on a casual workday, you should grab these cheetah print pumps to spice up your outfit and add more prints into your everyday life. Why would you go for the standard neutrals when you could choose something a little more fun?

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3. Red Loafer Heels

These red loafers are the perfect statement shoes! They are a little masculine with the loafer shape, a little feminine with the heels, and very eye-catching with the bright red color. No matter what kind of outfit you have picked out for the day, whether it’s standard black pants and white button-down or a bright floral dress, these shoes pair so well with so many things!

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4. Red Plaid Heels

Whether you want to give your look some cozy vibes or you need a fall staple, these red plaid heels are a great addition to the work wardrobe. Plaid is an excellent pattern to have in your work wardrobe because the different colors within plaid means there are multiple looks and pieces that you could pair the plaid with. These heels will go great with a red blouse or as a statement piece.

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5. Floral Heels

If you want something that will brighten up your outfit and add some spring flair to your dull workday, you will want to grab these shoes before you have to deal with another dreary Monday morning. These floral heels are hard to miss and can certainly liven up the dullest of outfits. These shoes will, for sure, bring a smile to you and your coworkers on those awful Monday mornings!

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6. Yellow Pumps

If you want something that will be hard to miss, these pumps are exactly what you need. Add some sunshine and brightness to your outfits with these yellow pumps! Yellow is such a fun color to incorporate into your wardrobe, not only because of how bright and cheery the color is but also because yellow is a color that pairs well and energizes a neutral-heavy look.

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7. Fuchsia Pumps

Give your work wardrobe a feminine touch with these fuchsia pumps! Not only are these pumps eye-catching but they are also a great addition or start to adding more pink into your wardrobe. Don’t shy away from pink because you think it’s an overly girly color. Pink is a great color for adding feminine touches throughout your wardrobe and for showing off how much of a girl boss you really are.

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9. Vintage Booties

Take a trip into the past with these vintage booties! These booties are great if you have a girly or summery dress that you want to make a little more office appropriate. These booties will ground your outfit and add a little bit of sophistication and old school glamour. You will also want to break these booties out for fall because this emerald color will look gorgeous against fall colors and patterns!

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10. Studded Booties

If you are a little edgy in your everyday life, don’t dull your personality down for the office. These studded booties are discreet enough to fit well with your office attire but cool enough to satisfy your need for leather and studs. Who says office attire couldn’t also be cool?

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What are your favorite statement shoes to wear to work? Tell us in the comments.

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Joann Kong

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