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8 Statement Phone Cases You Should Try

8 Statement Phone Cases You Should Try

8 Statement Phone Cases You Should Try

Do you keep looking for a new phone case without any luck? Buying a new case is like buying clothes—you want something that looks good and matches your personality. If you want to make a statement, check out these eight styles!

1. Marble

These phone cases are chic and classy. They look expensive and impressive when lying down on countertops and desks. If you want a lighter, more energetic feel to your case, opt for marble patterns in white and gold! If you’re looking for something a little more moody and mysterious, try out darker blues and blacks. You might also want to consider buying a PopSocket! This will give you extra grip to pick up your phone from smooth, flat surfaces and will make taking the perfect selfie a much easier task!


2. Glitter

These phone cases are fun to play with and look at. The glitter inside the case, trapped in liquid, will move with your phone. You can choose from all sorts of glittery patterns, including traditional circles, stars, love hearts and more! You can also choose what colour you’d like your glitter to be. So, whether you’re leaning towards a flirty pink more than a midnight blue, there will always be a phone case out there for you!

3. Gel

These phone cases feel and look amazing! Their jelly-like material will protect your phone without making it feel clunky and bulky. You can get these in all different styles, too. So, whether you want your phone to be clothed in galactic patterns, or floral illustrations, these cases have you covered. A great idea is to slip your favourite polaroids into the backing of this case! This will keep your photos safe and show them off to the world.

4. Wood

Looking for something a little more down to earth? Try out a beautifully designed wooden phone case! You can opt for abstract illustrations, or showcase your favourite animal, on the back of your device. These aesthetically pleasing exteriors will impress almost everyone who comes across them!


5. Flip

Most of us have gone through a flip-phone phase. With our more modern devices, why not stick to a flip case? Some of these cases have little pockets inside of them for you to store important cards inside. They will protect the front and back of your phone—a feature not a lot of cases possess nowadays! These cases don’t have to be boring, either! You can decide how you want its cover to be decorated and bedazzled.

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6. Brand

If you consider yourself to be more of a brand-name person, why not splurge a little to show off your expensive style? This will impress your friends and keep your phone protected and looking glamorous. If, like many of us, you don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on a phone case, you can always look for knockoffs to emulate a similar image!

7. Cosmetic

Are you constantly on the go? Do you always forget to pack back-up cosmetics? If so, this phone case is perfect for you! Its inbuilt palette is perfect for secretly stowing away blush and highlighter. It also opens with a little mirror, so you can do your make-up anytime and anywhere!


8. Fandom

Are you excited for the latest season of Stranger Things to come out on Netflix? Or, maybe you love yourself a good movie franchise like Harry Potter. If you love the fandom life, purchasing phone cases with illustrations of your favourite characters is the perfect choice for you! This will show off your fun side, and make life a little less serious and a little more whimsical.

Have you tried out any of these statement phone cases? Let us know down in the comments!

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