15 Pictures That Will Make You Wish You Were Starting School At IU Tomorrow

Well, it’s the middle of summer. Everyone is trying to make the most of their sunny, stress-free days before having to go back to classes. At least, everyone except most IU students. Yeah, summer is great and all, but we’re counting down the days until we’re all back in Bloomington, Indiana, and for good reason. Below are 15 pictures that will make you wish you were waking up in B-town.

1. The Iconic Sample Gates

You already knew I had to start here.

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Gorgeous day at #IUBloomington.

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2. The Kelley School Of Business

Whether you’re in it or you’re not, whether you love it or you hate it, everyone can admit that the Kelley School is damn beautiful.


3. The Food Pics, All Of The Food Pics

No matter what you’re in the mood to eat, you can find it in Bloomington.

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You want some? 🍕 #forkyeah #hellobtown

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4. Baked! Of Bloomington: Custom Cookies

Completely customizable cookies delivered to your dorm all nice and hot. Name another school that encourages you to get Baked! on campus. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


5. Fall On Campus Is Picture Perfect

With so many trees all across campus, IU makes for the perfect fall atmosphere.

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6. The Football Games

They may not be the most important part of football season at IU, and we know we aren’t the best team, but there isn’t anything that can beat our school spirit.


7. And IU Tailgates!

They’re huge, legendary, and the real reason so many people care enough about football to show up.


8. Tailgate Outfits!

Tailgates are the perfect opportunity for everyone to show off their school spirit and look good doing it.

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Tag babes🔑

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9. IU Is A Winter Wonderland

Fresh snowfall on campus makes it look like a postcard. Plus, it’s so hot out that the thought of walking through a winter storm to get to class doesn’t even seem that bad.


10. Study Breaks At Nearby Lakes

Monroe Lake, Lake Griffy, and Lake Lemon are just a few of the best places to get away when you need a break from classes.


11. Kilroy’s On Kirkwood

#1 college bar in the nation.

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What a time to be alive! 📷: @kevin_olds

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12. Basketball Season

And boy do we looooove basketball season.

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#⚪️🔴 #GoIU

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13. Little 5 Is An Experience Like No Other

No other school would cancel classes for a full week leading up to little 5.


14. Campus Is Insta-Worthy During Any Season

Regardless of where you go or what time of the year it is when you go there, you’re bound to get a few quality pictures of campus for your feed


15. Because No Place Is Better Than Bloomington

With something here for everyone, there’s no place I’d rather call home than B-town.

Do you have any other Insta-worthy pics of IU!? Share in the comments below!

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