10 Tips To Starting A Conversation On A Dating App

Only you can be the judge of what is really the best approach to starting a conversation on a dating app. You can look at the situation and the person it applies to and go from there, but even the best people-persons need a little advice on just what to say. The first thing to remember is that everyone’s there to date. So you don’t have to be nervous. Just be your wonderful you! However, should you like an idea of what you may say, here are 10 tips to starting a conversation on a dating app!

1. Simple Greeting

It’s always nice to try a simple greeting if you’re unsure about what to say at first. Something like, “Hi, how are you?” is fair. It’s basically universal and easy to respond to. It says, I want to talk to you, but I want to be considerate as well. If this is ideal for you, give it a try, and make sure to be prepared with some follow up questions and responses.

2. Inquiring

This one starts with questioning, but not random questioning like “do you enjoy long walks?” More like inquisitive questions that show you’re interested in what they like. Start the conversation by mentioning something obvious about them that you can realize just by looking at their picture or reading their profile. Such as, “I can see from your cap you’re a Yankees fan. Do you get to go to a lot of their games?” This shows that you want to learn about them individually, and is also a good approach if you wanted to come off as searching for personality. This is one of the best tips when it comes to starting a conversation on a dating app!

3. Playfully Inquiring

Now this one is a bit different from the previous conversation starters. It’s more playful and will get someone’s eye on you. It goes something like, “Hey, any chance I’d be your type of lady/guy?” It sounds playful and inviting, and is also short and sweet. It may be a close-ended question, but the response will be sure, and will let you know right away where to go from there. If they’re brave enough to say no, simply move on. There’s plenty of fish in the sea.

4. The Hook Up

“Hey, not to come off too hard but, I think you’re really attractive and I wouldn’t mind a quick meet with you.” The wording here is pretty enticing. Of course, this might not lead to dating, probably just a handy buddy. However, if you just want to hook up then this is your approach. It’ll be hard to pass if the person you say it to feels the same way.

5. You’re A Match

Some Dating Apps are really specific and make it easier to find a match, such as OKCupid. In which case you can simply ask if they’re interested in meeting up or chatting. Start up a conversation by saying something like “Hey, I was looking at your profile and I think we might be what we’re looking for. Wanna meet up or chat?” There’s no need for inquisitive questions here because most of what you want them to know is already in your profile.

6. So You Like Me Eh?

This one is my favorite. It’s adorable and playful and works for sites like It’s a Match where you like someone to move on to the next phase of messaging them. “So you like me, eh?” is what you’ll say after they like your photo. It should trigger a laughing response and lighten the mood. This is always a great sign when you’re looking to date. It’s like releasing their joy and promising that you can do it later on too. This is a super great line to use when starting a conversation on a dating app.

7. Be Charming

If you’re the old fashioned type, then so be it. Your approach is respectful and chivalrous. “Why hello, (Their Name). You seem lovely. Care to chat?” It’s only cliché and cooky if you’re not into it! So if you’re not, pick a different approach. Otherwise let the chivalry be!

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8. Pretending A Bit

I know it’s wrong to lie, but you can tell the truth later and say you just had to meet them! Probably much later on. If you’re on a local dating app say this, “Hey I know you! You’re (Someone’s Name’s) friend! Wow you’re single? Wanna meet up sometime?” Funny I know, and if you guess the name right it may work. Either way you’ll have a fun conversation with this person.

9. Have An Epic Pic

If you’re not so good at chatting, try blowing them away with an Epic pic and a “Hi.” By Epic I mean like you standing next to a large Siberian tiger draping your arm over it, depicting all the composure of a Greek God. That, and a version of Joey’s “How you doing.” A really nice pic of an achievement you’re proud of combined with a simple greeting should surely get you a response. This is a playful way to starting a conversation on a dating app.

10. Emoji Speak

Emojis are a language too! There’s an emoji for everything. Put a bunch together and create a sweet conversation starter or an erotic one. And what’s perfect about this is that you’re on a mobile dating app and it’s the best place to use emoji’s. This example here is for the sexually astute: 👄🍆👌🏼💋😉❓

Please remember these are ideas to start a conversation. You can engage as much as you like with precaution on the web, but when you’re ready for the real world make sure and play it safe. A person is basically a stranger until you’ve know them for years+, up close and personal, IRL.

What is your go to line when starting a conversation on a dating app? Let us know in the comments below!

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