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Staple Items You Need To Complete Your 2019 Winter Wardrobe

Winter is almost here. Which means it’s time to officially put away your summer wardrobe and pull out the warmer clothing. For many people this time of year means significantly colder weather, shorter days, and of course snow. While some fall and even summer clothes can transition nicely from those seasons to winter that’s not the case for everything. If you find yourself staring into your closet wondering what to wear this winter this list is for you. Below are a slew of staple items you need to complete your 2019 winter wardrobe. They’re cute, stylish, and above all will keep you warm. Even if you aren’t someone who lives in a winter wonderland there are still a few items that will work in a variety of climates. 

1. Slouchy Black Shirt

This slouchy black shirt is so simple and so cute. It’s pretty much a basic wardrobe staple, so why not incorporate it into your winter wardrobe. It’s on the thinner side but that just makes it perfect for layering. This is something that can be worn lounging around the house or running some errands. Just pair this top with a tank top or even a t-shirt and put it over some leggings and you have an adorable outfit. 

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2. Yellow Crew Neck Sweater

Yellow is definitely in this winter, if you want to keep your winter wardrobe on trend this year consider the top below. This yellow crew neck sweater from American Eagle will definitely keep you warm all winter long. 

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3. Black Long Sleeve Shirt.

You’re going to want a quality thermal in your winter wardrobe. This black long sleeve looks good on its own although it would look even better underneath another top. You could easily pair this over a slip dress and just like that you’re prepared for a fashionable night out. 

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4. Plaid Shirt

Plaid is definitely a staple in a lot of winter wardrobes. That’s because it’s a timeless pattern that is just too cute. This plaid shirt is also pretty warm, meaning there’s no need to layer unless you want to. Wearing a graphic t-shirt underneath is definitely a great look. 

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5. Pink Deep Back Sweater

Now this is an over the top dress in the best possible way. It’s cute but unexpectedly sexy. The color is bold and will catch others eyes. But it’s the back of this sweater that will definitely turn heads. While it isn’t over the top skin baring it’s just enough to make this sweater stand out from others this season. You’ll want this in your winter wardrobe.  

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6. Jeans

You’re going to want to have a good pair of jeans in your winter wardrobe. Leggings can be great but they aren’t always made from the thickest materials. You don’t want to find yourself shaking because your pants are too thin. So consider purchasing a quality pair of denim jeans like the ones below. They’ll keep you warm all season. 

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7. Olive Green Pants

The green bottoms below are cute and a little edgy. They’ll make you look like a mountain queen without requiring actual backpacking skills. The olive green color is perfect for this winter. 

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8. Drawstring Joggers

These drawstring trousers are cut like joggers but the material makes them appropriate for work and school. They are comfortable without sacrificing any of the cuteness. You will want to live in these pants all winter long. 

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9. Wool Lined Leggings

Most leggings are thin but if you still can’t live without a good pair of leggings you’re going to want to invest in a good pair of wool leggings. These ones from L.L. Bean are guaranteed to keep you warm all winter long. You’ll want a few wool lined leggings in your winter wardrobe this year.

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10. Joggers

Of course you’re going to want something to keep you warm on a morning run or just lounging around the house. Look no further than these The North Face joggers. They are cinched at the ankle to guarantee they won’t drag on the floor. Bonus is that these joggers actually have pockets. 

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11. Patagonia Pullover

It’s also important to have quality outerwear this winter. This pullover from Patagonia will keep you warm. It’s thick enough to keep you comfortable on its own but it’s thin enough to where you could wear it underneath a heavier jacket. 

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12. Jacket

Not every winter jacket has to be large and bulky. This sherpa denim jacket will keep you warm and looking cute all winter. This Levi jacket is something you’ll want in your winter wardrobe. 

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13. Teddy Jacket

Teddy jackets are still definitely in. The one below is on the cheaper end, but it’s still of good quality. You’ll be living in this all winter long. 

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14. Columbia Jacket

This jacket from Columbia is perfect for people who live in a larger city and aren’t exactly looking for a full blown outdoor winter jacket. While this jacket is larger than the others that’s because it’s designed to completely keep you warm through the entire winter. You will want this Columbia jacket in your wardrobe. 

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15. Chelsea Boots

These chelsea boots are cute and practical. The material will last through slushy sidewalks and the short heel will ensure you won’t come crashing down on ice. 

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16. Heeled Hiking Boots

These shoes are just too cute to pass up. They will keep you looking cute and warm when you decide to step out for a night out during the winter. 

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17. Duck Boots

Duck boots are a classic for a reason. They will keep your feet warm, dry, and cute. When there’s a blizzard outside you’re going to want to make sure that your feet are safe and dry. 

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18. Beanie

Your limbs are the first thing to lose body heat when it is cold outside, including your head. If you don’t want your head to be freezing this winter include this Patagonia beanie in your winter wardrobe. 

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19. Knee High Socks

These knee high socks are too cute. They are glittery but not over the top. Wear these alone or put them over a pair of sheer tights for a layered dream look. 

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20. Tights

It’s winter which means you’re going to want tights. These tights will ensure your legs aren’t freezing this winter. 

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What will you be adding to your winter wardrobe? Comment below!
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