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10 Standup Comedy Specials You NEED To Watch Today

With the rise in standup comedy specials streaming online these days, it can be hard to decide on who to listen to and which specials to start with. Plus, the overflow of comedy special memes and quotes making their way into TikTok can give you a bad case of FOMO if you haven’t seen the special in question. So, for those comedy lovers looking for new specials to watch, here is our list of the top standup comedy specials you need to watch now!

1. John Mulaney “Kid Gorgeous”

Calling all John Mulaney quotes and lovers looking for new standup comedy specials! His most recent special, “Kid Gorgeous” came out on Netflix in 2018. In the special, he talks about SNL and his childhood, his college years and his experiences as an English major, and the struggles he has experienced as he has gotten older. Not only is he relatable in a general “we are all getting older, let’s get existential,” but if you were ever an English major, his bit about paying $120,000 to be told to read Jane Austen will hit you right where it hurts. Plus, John Mulaney is one of the most quoted comedians on TikTok, so you definitely want to watch his specials.

2. Chad Daniels “Dad Chaniels”

Chad Daniels has some of my favorite standup comedy specials, from “Footprints on the Moon” to “You’re the Best.” His 2019 special “Dad Chaniels” is hilariously original, and available on Amazon Prime. In it, he discusses being a parent to a teenager, America’s increasing softness as a nation, his future as an old man, and cake. His sets surrounding his relationship with his children never fail to leave me crying with laughter. Plus, his dry delivery and calm demeanor are incredibly funny when paired with his wild stories about his children.

3. Mike Birbiglia “The New One”

Mike Birbiglia, the absolute king of awkward situations and relatable comedy, is an absolute must for anyone looking for standup comedy specials. His most recent comedic one-man show, “The New One,” came out on Netflix in 2019. Now be warned, this isn’t officially a special (although he has plenty on Netflix from “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” and “Thank God for Jokes”) – rather, this is a broadway one-man comedy show about his journey to parenthood. It is still profoundly funny and worth watching.

4. Trevor Noah “Son of Patricia”

Trevor Noah, the host of the Daily Show, is an incredibly intelligent and informed comedian with some absolutely amazing standup comedy specials. One of my favorites is “Son of the Patricia,” his 2018 Netflix special. During this show, he discusses everything from tacos to racism immunity, runaway snakes camping, and lessons he learned from his mother. An absolute must-watch for any standup comedy enthusiast.

5. Tom Segura “Completely Normal”

One of my absolute favorite standup comedians, Tom Segura’s “Completely Normal” is one of the incredibly funny standup comedy specials that you need to watch today! This isn’t his most recent one since it came out in 2014, but it’s definitely one you should watch in order to really appreciate peak Tom Segura humor (his most recent special, “Ball Hog,” is also available on Netflix and came out in 2020). In “Completely Normal,” he discusses his opinions on hotels, talks about his hobbies, and shares stories about his digestive ailments.

6. Taylor Tomlinson “Quarter Life Crisis”

When I was watching different standup comedy specials one day, I came across this one and decided to put it on because it looked mildly interesting. And can I just say, this one was definitely one of the most relatable specials I have ever seen. She discusses relationships, life in her twenties, her life choices, and the problem of being too old to continue partying, and too young to settle down. If you didn’t know what a quarter-life crisis was before, you will after this special, and you will definitely feel like you’re having one.

7. Kevin Hart “Zero F**ks Given”

Kevin Hart is an absolute kind of comedy, whether it’s his standup comedy specials or comedic films alongside the Rock. This 2020 special is available on Netflix and makes you feel like you’re just chilling at home with Kevin Hart (which, you basically are). This special concentrates on the new stages in his life and how he finally has the freedom to not give a f**k – which, honestly, super relatable. So gather a group of friends, get some drinks, and enjoy Kevin Hart’s conversational standup special.

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8. Nate Bargatze “The Tennessee Kid”

One of my absolute favorite comedians is Nate Bargatze, so I will always suggest him to anyone looking for new standup comedy specials to watch. His most recent special released on Netflix in 2019 is called “The Tennessee Kid” and it discusses air travel, college football, chocolate milk, cheap weddings, and the struggles of ordering coffee. Nate Bargatze is clean humor, so he’s perfect for watching with your mom and dad because you won’t have any of those uncomfortable sex jokes moments.

9. Jim Gaffigan “Obsessed”

Another clean comedian, Jim Gaffigan’s standup comedy specials are incredibly popular and well-known (if you’ve ever heard the “hot pocket” comedy sound bites – that’s Jim Gaffigan). His 2014 special “Obsessed” is key Gaffigan humor, and he talks about exercise, weddings, eating, and his five kids. For those looking for his most recent special, Amazon Prime has his 2020 “The Pale Tourist.” He’s the perfect family comedian, so you’ll be able to show him to anyone (including your grandma).

10. Ali Wong “Baby Cobra”

Ali Wong’s standup comedy specials are all absolutely hilarious, and a must for any comedy watcher (especially women looking for female comediennes). Her two biggest comedy specials are 2016’s “Baby Cobra” and 2018’s “Hard Knock Wife.” She is pregnant in both (a boss bitch move) and her discussions on marriage and motherhood are completely relatable and so funny you won’t want to stop watching.

Know of other standup comedy specials that we should watch? Tell us in the comments!

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