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5 Stand Up Comedy Shows To Watch On Netflix This Summer

5 Stand Up Comedy Shows To Watch On Netflix This Summer

Whether you've never seen stand up comedy before or you've watched ever special there is on Netflix, these shows are guaranteed to make you laugh!

A quick search of stand-up comedy related titles on Netflix brings up a ton of currently available shows. The wide range of comedians and the usually hour-long lengths of specials can leave you puzzling over what show to start next. What better time is there than summertime to treat yourself to some stand-up comedy? Here is a list of stand up comedy shows and comedians to watch this summer that are sure to make you laugh and even possibly shed a tear at times:

John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid

Former Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney’s specials on Netflix are beautifully written and delivered. His relaxed mode of storytelling coupled with his well-timed pacing, often delving into hilarious and embarrassing incidents from his own life, help capture and keep viewers’ attentions. If you find yourself wanting to watch more Mulaney, then make sure to check out his other shows, Kid Gorgeous (2018) and New in Town (2012), on Netflix too!

This is one of the best stand up comedy shows on Netflix!

Demetri Martin: Live (At the Time)

If you find yourself not able to commit to an hour-long show, then Demetri Martin’s special on Netflix is a great option for you! I find myself going back to his stand-up whenever I want a dose of calming and witty one-liners from his interesting observations on daily life occurrences and/or the most random thoughts. Unlike many stand-up shows that revolve around personal storytelling with built-up punchlines, Demetri Martin opts for a quirky signature style of quick, yet clever jokes. His random ponderings on life will make you laugh as well as make you appreciate his unique perspective on the most mundane things, like cats and sofas.

This is one of the best stand up comedy shows on Netflix!

Bo Burnham: Make Happy

If Demetri Martin has a more low-key sort of stand-up show with his acoustic guitar and personal musings, then Bo Burnham’s Make Happy is an example of a show that incorporates music in an especially noticeable manner. Bo Burnham’s Make Happy is possibly the most unique stand-up comedy show I have ever seen and seems more like a meta-art show with his usage of bold lights and range of musical accompaniments. This show is so refreshing in the way it calls out sad realities and observations through its commentaries on celebrity culture and society itself. It will leave you both laughing and reflecting on what it actually means to be “happy.”

This is one of the best stand up comedy shows on Netflix!

Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King

Hasan Minhaj’s Homecoming King will make you both laugh and possibly cry from his way of weaving stories from his adolescent years and his focus on his family in his stand-up show. It is not only humorous but moving with relatable themes, like the importance of love and understanding over racial biases, that are especially relevant for today’s society. This comedy special also features clean-cut visuals that combined with Hasan Minhaj’s charismatic presence allow for a fully engaging show. Overall, Homecoming King is a great show to watch with the family anytime!

This is one of the best stand up comedy shows on Netflix!

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Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife  

Ali Wong’s second comedy special on Netflix is similar to her first with themes of marriage and motherhood. This one especially focuses on her experiences with childbirth and raising a child after having her first baby. Her blunt way of storytelling and commitment to delivering her honest opinions in a fierce manner allow for an unrestrained take on motherhood that will leave you both laughing and appreciate mothers. If you enjoy Hard Knock Wife, then her earlier show Baby Cobra (2016) will also definitely be a funny and enjoyable special to watch!

This is one of the best stand up comedy shows on Netflix!

Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

Mike Birbiglia has three stand up comedy shows on Netflix that are all super amusing and at the same time moving. He is a great storyteller and his shows read like humorous essays that carry a central meaning and always manage to come back full circle at the end. This is one of those stand up comedy shows that should definitely be watched in one sitting to best appreciate the way all the stories are so deeply connected and interwoven.

This is one of the best stand up comedy shows on Netflix!

What stand up comedy shows on Netflix make you laugh? Comment below!

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