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10 Stages Of Having A Crush

10 Stages Of Having A Crush

Having a crush comes with a lot of different stages. We're going to list just some of them for you so you can identify them all.

You didn’t plan on catching any type of feelings for this person, but it happened. Your not sure if what your feeling is just friendship of something more. Don’t worry, we got you. Find out if your feelings are platonic or not by reading the 10 stages of having a crush on someone.

1. Meeting your crush for the first time

When they first entered into the room, you weren’t sure what was so different about them. It might have been the way they spoke, or carried themselves. Throughout that first encounter though, you couldn’t stop from turning red, and feeling giddy when they looked your way.

2. Denying that the relationship could go beyond friendship

You can’t help but to start thinking about how impossible it would be to date. They couldn’t possibly want to date you! The very thought of crossing the friendship line would mean the end of the world! You declare that it can only be friendship. However, in the back of your head the thought of what if won’t go away. It might just be one of the 10 stages of having a crush.

3. Sharing your thoughts with friends

After a few weeks of being in your head about it, you decide its time to talk it out. Popping open that wine bottle you spill your guts to your friends. Telling them every little detail about your crush, and not noticing how you smile when you do. You might not think you caught any feelings for this person, but your friends know you got it bad.

4. Being nervous when they are around

You start to fidget with any hair out of place, and any wrinkle that can be smoothed. When they get close to you, the butterflies in your stomach go crazy. Not to mention how bad you feel for turning into a sweating mess when their near.

5. Hoping to not be too awkward

You start to pratice imaginary interactions with your crush. All in hopes of not being too weird when they try to talk to you. Don’t worry, they might like the whole babbling thing you got going on. They might be following the stages of having a crush on someone.

6. Daydreaming about what life would be like if you were a couple

You can’t help but to think about them whisking you away on a luxurious european trip. The two of you traveling and sightseeing as a band sings behind you. Just when you get to the good part, you wake up to reality. Dreams are definitely better. Plus this is the fun stage of having a crush on someone.

7. Social media stalking

Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter nothing is off limits for you. Its not that your a stalker, but you just want to get to know more about them. That includes scrolling through their social media for like two hours.

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8. Feeling like your going crazy

You hear their name everywhere you go. You end up bumping into them in the most unlikeliest places. Soon your not sure if your not starting to turn insane. Don’t worry its just the crush making you paranoid. Also its a very common stage of having a crush on someone.

9. Acceptencing that you have a crush

After debating with yourself, you finally crack. You like them. You like them, and have no idea why. It was just like one day nothing, and the next they captured your attention.

10. Letting yourself have fun with it

Don’t worry to much about having a crush. They are supposed to be fun, and give you that extra skip throughout the day. You don’t have to do anything about your feelings, but you can enjoy the ride.

The 10 stages of having a crush on someone can feel like a roller coaster of a journey. However, you never know the end result might be getting that girl or guy in the end.
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