The 15 Stages Of Going Out By Yourself

Going out by yourself might sound like a strange concept, but don’t knock it until you try it! Sure it’s not ideal, but doing it at least once is something everyone should experience. You learn you are braver than you thought, plus the event will be worth it! Next time you end up having to go somewhere by yourself, remember these stages!

1. Hearing About An Event

AHHH! You can’t believe that they are making this into an event. You’re so excited about it and are already planning on what you’ll wear.  You have to reach out to your group of friends to see if they want to go too!

2. Asking Friends To Go

You know all your friends will be just as excited to go as you are. You start planning on what you will wear, who you will ask and who will drive before the event gets here. Then you send out a text in the group message and eagerly await for their answers! The messages start coming in and…

3. No’s All Around

NO! Every single one of your friends can’t or won’t (rude, right?) go with you. You can’t believe it and you’re actually pretty bummed out about it. You thought at least one of them would be able to go with you. So you never saw this coming. 

4. It’s To Good To Pass Up

After a few days, you still can’t stop thinking about the event! You have no idea when there will be another chance to go. You go back and forth about purchasing tickets and get major FOMO. When you see that ticket sales are up, you finally make a decision.

5. Fine, You’ll Go By Yourself

Carpe Diem! You decide this might be your only chance to go to this event, so you’re even willing to go by yourself! Yet, you never attended an event alone. You are a strong and independent individual, so this is no biggie. You click purchase tickets and now the countdown begins.

6. The Day Is Finally Here

Finally, after waiting and waiting the day is actually here. You’ve had a countdown and a checklist to make sure everything is perfect for today. Now, you have to start getting ready so you’ll look your best at the event.

7. Start Getting Ready

Fresh from the shower, you’re ready to get yourself together for tonight. You rummage around your room looking for everything you need. You have music playing to get in the mood (off your phone) as you start doing your hair and makeup. Clothes, check. Phone, wallet, keys, check, check, and check. You’re as ready as you’re going to be.

8. Second Thoughts Start Creeping In

On your way to the event, the butterflies start kicking in. Who will you hang out with? Will people notice you’re by yourself? So to reassure yourself you can do it, you send out a quick text to the group chat. Even though your friends couldn’t go with you, they still support you going to the event!

9. Arriving At The Event

Bolstered by all your friend’s encouragement you arrive safely at the event. You’re so excited because this is what you’ve been anxiously waiting to see. There’s a long line to get in, but you expected that. You knew it was going to be a popular event, but you didn’t think it would sell out. Well, you’re here now and so are about a million other people.

10. Nope! I Can’t Do This

Okay, this is a little more intimidating than you first thought. Why did you decide it was a good idea to come by yourself? This is a horrible idea. Why didn’t I just wait until next time to attend? While having this inner monologue, you’re steadily moving up the line. You figure you’ll just cut your losses with the cost of the ticket and get ready to leave.

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11. All You Need Is 10 Seconds Of Courage

Just as you’re about to duck out of line, you hear people laughing from the other side. If they’re laughing and having a good time, it can’t be all bad. Plus, this is something you have been planning and waiting for since you first heard about it. Take a deep breath, hand them the ticket and step inside to the event.

12. You Actually Make It Inside

Okay, this wasn’t as bad as you thought! Who knew overcoming social anxiety would be so hard. The main thing is that you did it. Take a moment to take it all in because this is what you’ve been waiting for. Give yourself time to get your bearings and then get ready to enjoy!

13. Best.Day.Ever

Best day ever! It was even better than you thought it would be and that’s saying something! You came, you saw and you conquered. You’re sad that it’s over, but so glad you were able to experience it. Now that it’s over, you kind of wish you could do it all over again. 

14. Going Out By Yourself Isn’t Bad

Now, that the event is over and you’re on your way home, you think about the experience you just had.  Sure, there were a few dicey moments, but overall it turned out to be an amazing night. You learned that going out by yourself can be intimidating at first, but can turn out to be really fun! You are happy and look forward to the next outing.

15. Tell Your Friends That They Missed Out

Texting in the group chat, you can’t wait to tell your friends what they missed out on. Never mind, you documented parts of the evening on social media. They also need a play by play. Well, maybe not exactly a play by play. But, you definitely want them to know you had a great evening going out by yourself!

Have you ever gone out by yourself before? How did it go? Comment and share with us below!

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