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The 10 Stages Of Dieting

The 10 Stages Of Dieting

Going on a diet. None of us want to do it, but we all try it at some point. If you've tried dieting, you'll be able to relate to these stages of dieting!

Dieting. It’s something that just about every person tries at least once in their life. Some fail and some see success, but nonetheless, we all go into it with high hopes that we will come out on the other side looking like a supermodel. If you’ve tried the whole dieting thing before, you can totally relate to the process. Here are the 10 stages of dieting that we’ve all experienced!

Stage 1: The Goal

You set a goal after seeing those Instagram models. You want to walk confidently on the beach.

Stage 2: Motivation

Then you scroll through Pinterest, adding anything health related to your Fitness board. “Yea I’m definitely going to use that ’14 Day Abs Challenge’.”


Stage 3: List Of Meals

You live by the code: WAV (water, almonds, and vegetables) because Victoria’s Secret models eat almonds.

Stage 4: I Can D.I.Y.

You drink your first smoothie and make your first meal off of a recipe some fitness guru created that “Helps Reduce Bloating”.

Stage 5: The Food Staredown

“I am totally staring at her burger while my plate is all green.” “I cannot fall into the evil hands of fat from salad dressing.”


Stage 6: Just One Bite

You had just one slice of pizza in three days and it turns into three slices. One ice cream bar changed into a full freezer full of Talenti.

Stage 7: I Will Start Tomorrow

After finishing that box of 20 piece McNuggets, you stare into the floral fitness calendar and promise that you’ll start the next day.

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Stage 8: Denial

You start dialing the scale just a few pounds back and maybe wear more black to look more slimming.

Stage 9: “Aren’t you on a diet?”

You are at the point of this diet where even your friends remember your diet better than you.

Stage 10: Realization

The realization that you do not need a diet to feel beautiful about yourself, rather your body is fine just the way it is. You feel confident!

Can you relate to these 10 stages of dieting? Share your experience in the comments!
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