The 10 Stages Of College Mid Terms As Told By Harry Potter

If you're in the midst of college mid terms, then these are all of the stages of midterms as told by Harry Potter. If you're a Harry Potter fan, you'll relate.

With thanksgiving only, a couple of weeks away, the stresses of college are starting to pile up. You no longer know what is up and what is down all you care about is getting to break alive. This is what is known as the mid semester hell. So, take a break and see the 10 stages of college mid terms as told by Harry Potter. You might relate.

1. When you get sad looking at all the review guides, and knowing nothing

You spent the entire semester writing down every note, with specialized colors coordinating topics and terms. You made sure to put in that extra hour before bed when it came to studying. All to end up with a blank mind as you look at material you had never seen before. Sometimes you wonder if the professor is trying to kill you at this point.

2.Anger when racing to find a study room with your group

You can see it. Just up a bit, an empty room sits with a chalk board, outlets, and enough room for all of you to sit comfortably. Just as your about to claim the room another group races forward and make themselves comfy in your unreserved spot. Not cool man, not cool.

3. Endless hunger your stomach at this time doesn’t know what no means

Breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, second lunch, dinner, second dinner. Noticing a pattern here for those college mid terms? Your stomach is an endless pit around this time as you bury the stress away with any food related item you can get your hands on.

4. Getting irritated when people ask you when you’re actually going to sit down and study

That is a good question, because you’re not really sure yourself at this moment. Right now doing anything else other than school sounds good about now. Remember procrastination never killed anybody…that I can think of.

5. Wishing you could release some pent-up aggression on the kid who brags about his mid-term grade

We get it dude; you are like the studying god for these college mid terms. How we wish we could all be like your awesomeness. Seriously though can you help me study?

6. When the all-nighter tries to defeat you, but you’re not to underestimated

You came prepared with loads of five-hour energy, and back up cups of joe. With highlighters in hand, your bedtime isn’t going to be until the very next day. That high mark will be worth the extra bags under the eyes.

7. No longer knowing where you are

Has been a week? When was the last time you actually slept? To be completely honest you’re not sure what day it is. When you emerge from your cave, your friends are amazed. Dude, though seriously should probably take a shower.

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8. Accepting the fate, and the possibility of failing


You have studied as much material as you can. Your hands have blue and black ink all over them. The wall has hit you hard, and you’re not sure you can get up. You tried your best. Actually, accepting this has helped you into a state of denial, but whatever.

9. Waiting for the countdown until your done

You finally made it to the classroom. All of the all nighters, and secretly crying yourself to sleep have been leading up to this moment. Watching your teacher put down the paper, mind those narrows in on a, b, c options.  Flicking your wrist, the pencil is down, and the work to the end of those two testing hours begin. Don’t worry, you got this.

10. Home Free

Exiting those doors and inhaling that fresh cold air brings a tear to the eye. You did it! All that misery is long gone. Break is finally here, and you can’t wait to be home.

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College mid terms can be horrible, but hopefully this helped to brighten it up. Relate to any of these? Let us know in the comments below.
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