5 Stages Of Binge Watching Netflix’s ‘You’

Unless you’ve been living in outer space lately, you’ve probably heard of Netflix’s recent number one binge-worthy show, ‘You’. The intense show about a young man named Joe Goldberg who meets a pretty young woman, Beck, and becomes utterly obsessed with her. He does the unthinkable to accomplish his mission of getting her to date him, including some MAJOR stalking, all unbeknownst to her. If you decide to give Netflix’s ‘You’ a try, here are the 5 stages that you are more likely to experience when you fall into the vortex of binge watching.

1. Curiosity

You hit the play button on the first episode of Netflix’s ‘You’ and are instantly met with the narration of Joe Goldberg as he first meets Beck at his place of employment, a book store. What seems like an exchange of innocent flirting, an experience you could relate to with from cute barista at Starbucks, instantly shows how learning a person’s name can open the door into their personal life, via the Internet. The extremes this man goes to in a short amount of time, as he learns the gist of Beck’s life, is enough to pique your curiosity in the sense: what else is this man capable of?

5 Stages Of Binge Watching Netflix’s ‘You’

2. Shocked

So now you’re intrigued into Joe’s tactics how he gets to know Beck on his own terms. It’s only necessary that you continue with episode 2 of ‘You’. After this episode, you swear you’re going to do your laundry.

But this only prolongs your curiosity or hits you with the ultimate shock factor. You can’t stop watching ‘You’ now, next episode, please!

3. Hooked

Before you know it, hours of your life has passed. Forget about your original plans for today, you are officially invested in this tornado of a show. You don’t know who to root for; Beck can’t be this oblivious to Joe’s crazy side, can she? Her bestie, Peach, seems to have her suspicions of Joe’s actions, yet Peach doesn’t seem so righteous herself.

What about Benji?! Fuckboys are an instantly hated character, but does he really deserve what’s coming for him? Nobody is safe to have an emotional attachment with; you NEED to find out what happens next!

5 Stages Of Binge Watching Netflix’s ‘You’

4. Suspense

If you’ve made it more than halfway through the first season of Netflix’s ‘You’, then at this point you’re starting to feel some, if not, a lot of suspense from this psychological thriller. You’re starting to figure out everybody’s secrets one by one and anything could happen at this point. You know you should go take the shower that you put off this morning, but you’re almost addicted to the adrenaline rush you get from watching what shocking twist is going to be revealed next!

5 Stages Of Binge Watching Netflix’s ‘You’

5. Mind Blown

Well, you did it. You finished ‘You’ in a shorter time than you’re proud to admit, but you finished it none the less. Whether you called the ending ahead of time or were shocked like half of the viewers, you can’t help feeling exhausted from your mind being blown. When you started this show you didn’t expect to be taken on the rollercoaster ride of emotions that you just had.

With an almost immediate announcement that ‘You’ got the green light for a season 2, you might not be sure you want to watch it. It did just unexpectedly drain you after all. Could you handle a round two? Cm’on, a year from now you know it’s going to be qued up on your must-watch list.

5 Stages Of Binge Watching Netflix’s ‘You’

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