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5 Stages Of Binge Watching Game Of Thrones

5 Stages Of Binge Watching Game Of Thrones

5 Stages Of Binge Watching Game Of Thrones

No matter what anyone will ever tell you, Game Of Thrones is a hard show to watch. You need to be truly motivated to watch this show, as it requires literal brain power to understand everything that happens in all its fast-paced glory. It takes true skill to face the emotional traumas that this show hands us. There’s laughs, tears, and everything in between. Here are the five stages of binge watching Game Of Thrones that no one tells you about before you start.

Disclaimer: I feel like I should mention that there will be some slight instances of spoilers in this article. If you claim you’ll “start Game Of Thrones soon”, then I suggest against reading this just yet.

1. Happiness

Wow! One episode in and binge watching Game Of Thrones is seeming like the best show ever. There’s going to be action, romance, tension for the throne, and it seems like there’s a little bit of everything – for every type of viewer. As a viewer, everything has been straightforward thus far.


This phase does not last very long.

2. Confusion

This is the stage where things start getting a little freaky.

First off, one will realize that Cersei and Jaime are sleeping together. Cersei and Jaime share parents, which makes them siblings. Great start.


As we move on from that, all the kingdoms and families begin appearing in the episodes. General thoughts include “what family is this?” and “why are these people on my screen?”. The biggest issue here is that every scene in this show has a purpose – nothing is done for no reason. So, when you get to this stage of wondering who is on your screen, you’ve hit confusion.

3. Sadness

Once you’ve realized there is absolutely nothing you can do to solve your confusion, it’s time for the sadness to set in.


For most viewers, the sadness stage happens around The Red Wedding and continues into episodes like The Winds of Winter. But mostly, The Red Wedding really sets the stage our tears.

In an episode wiping out everyone’s favorite characters on the show, it’s no wonder we all got slightly teary eyed. Saying goodbye to Rob was hard to face. However, the show writers decided not to end our pain then and there. Over the course of the series, we are forced to watch characters like Sansa and Jon face unimaginable pain over and over again.

4. Anger

Besides the fact that we get on average six episodes every year, we also start to feel real anger while binge watching Game Of Thrones towards so many of the characters and scenes in Game Of Thrones.

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To name a few injustices:

Ned Stark’s death, Sansa having to deal with her psycho of a husband (both times – girl can’t catch a break), Ramsay having his baby brother murdered in cold blood (actually, pretty much every single Ramsay scene), and when we had to believe that Jon Snow was actually dead. In all honesty, every single episode in this show leaves me with festering anger.


And yet, like a bad relationship, I go back every single time.

5. Acceptance

This is the moment where you finally realize that, although different in nature and extravagance, this show is just that – a show, and that you should stop worrying so much about all the characters and what will become of them. Surely, some of our favorites will be lost, and since winter is finally on its way, we’re just going to have to deal with it.


How was your experience binge watching Game Of Thrones? Feel differently than I do? Let us know in the comments below!

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