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The Stages of Buying UNH Concert Tickets: Future Edition

The Stages of Buying UNH Concert Tickets: Future Edition

The night before Future UNH concert tickets went on sale I made sure my laptop was plugged in, charging all night and my debit card was at the ready…Living in a house with 52 girls, I was stressing HARD about the wifi.

Go To Bed Prepared

My wifi goes in and out on a normal day when I am watching Netflix so I thought to myself,  “Tori set at least 10 alarms from 6:40-7:40, what if you have to sprint to Paul?!” Because of this I also had my running sneakers ready. I’m not joking. I went to bed to the calming sound of my Netflix, (don’t worry my laptop was still plugged in).

Waking Up Too Early

I awoke in a sweat at 5 am, at this point I’m thinking, do I go get in line at the mub?? Do I go back to bed? WHAT DO I DO? I drifted back to sleep and kept reassuring myself I would be fine.


…I was wrong.

The Mental Anguish

I had legitimately five NIGHTMARES about buying tickets that felt real. Each separate nightmare felt extremely real. The first one I completely slept through all my alarms and was left ticket-less. The next my wifi didn’t work and I sprinted to Paul to only be denied a floor ticket.

…The horror went on and on.


Waking Up On Time (With Anxiety Attack)

At 7:40 I opened my laptop. The worst had happened. “UNH SECURE CANNOT BE JOINED” A cold sweat came over me and my whole life flashed before my eyes. I also think I shrieked in pain. Immediately I started to get my shoes on, then I realized-what if I don’t have time?

The WiFi Is Slower Than Molasses

I started my back-up internet routine, which is choosing Xfinity WiFi even though it is slower than a moped with three boys on it going up a hill. I also left a message on my house Facebook page about the WiFi betraying me on this cursed day for good measure.

Using Cellular WiFi On Your Phone Instead

At this point I had fifteen minutes until the tickets went on sale. This caused for drastic measures. I decided to be bold and use the data on my phone (sorry mom). Once I got onto the website on my phone I was slapped with a VIRTUAL WAITING ROOM warning.


To be extra cautious I also used the incredibly slow internet on my laptop to be in the waiting room on two different devices. Always have to have a back up people, always.

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Waiting For Them To Come On Sale

I sat there on the floor of my room in this virtual waiting room shaking and trying to keep positive. All of a sudden my phone screen changed. I WAS IN.


As fast as my little thumb could go I hit student floor ticket, and entered my debit card info. Being flustered with excitement I forgot to put in the expiration date and it made me do it again. (So that was another heart attack.) It was 8 in the morning and I had already had at least 5 mini heart attacks. Finally the ticket went through.

Breathe Sweet Relief

I saw the beautiful site of “Welcome Victoria. Your order is complete”. I was absolutely overjoyed.

Naturally I got into my car with my roommate who had also got a floor ticket and had suffered with me and witnessed my many heart attacks. As soon as I got in my car I blasted Future’s newest album EVOL…which if you ask me absolutely every song on that album is a banger.


It was the best victory lap I think I have ever taken part in. Not like I’ve taken part in many victory laps, but you get the point. See you April 29th Future, I love you.
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