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Stackable Dorm Room Furniture We Love

Stackable Dorm Room Furniture We Love

If you’re going into your freshman year, expect a tiny dorm room. But don’t worry—you can still make your dorm look cute and cozy. All you have to do is maximize the space you have. Here’s some stackable dorm room furniture I know you’ll love:

1. HAY Color Crates

<img src="crates.jpg" alt="">

I rave about these crates constantly. They’re what immediately comes to mind when I think “stackable dorm room furniture.” How many products are out there that are both practical and pastel? These crates come in a range of sizes and colors, making it possible to fit anything, from jewelry to textbooks. I mostly use mine to store makeup and food, but anything works. The best part about the HAY crates is that they’re collapsable and stackable. They hardly take up any space in my dorm room, and they’re easy to transport on move in day. 


2. Target Stackable Pouf

<img src="pouf.jpg" alt="">

Next time I go to Target, I’m definitely buying one of these. This pouf is every college student’s dream. Since most dorm rooms only include one or two chairs, you’ll want to have additional seating for your friends. But where to store the extra chairs when you’re not using them? The stackable pouf provides a solution to your problems. There are not one, not two, but THREE cushions in one pouf. You can stack the cushions when you’re done with them and roll them under your bed. Genius!

3. Bar Carts

<img src="cart.jpg" alt="">


Bar carts count as stackable dorm room furniture, right? Whether they do or not, they’re an essential piece of furniture to own. I would recommend bar carts for larger dorm rooms, or even better, student apartments. Technically, they’re not a necessity. To me, they are. Bar carts are amazing for storage; mine holds wine glasses, cocktail shakers, and all the other tools I need to make a show stopping cocktail. A lot of companies sell bar carts, including Target and House of Fancy (pictured). If you love to host, add this to your shopping cart!

4. Cosmetic Trays

<img src="cosmetics.jpg" alt="">

For those of you lucky enough to not have a communal bathroom, consider buying cosmetic trays. I store mine under and on top of my sink, alleviating a ton of space. This goes without saying, but clear cosmetic trays are must-haves for makeup, skincare, and whatever else you need in the bathroom. Or, if you don’t want to lug individual trays to your communal bathroom, keep them on your desk. I purchased mine from Target, but the one in the picture above is from STORi. They’re incredibly affordable and come in clutch. 


5. Rolling Carts

<img src="cart.jpg" alt="">

In need of a nightstand? Looking to budget your money and space? Instead of wasting big bucks on an oversized bedside table, try rolling carts for a cheaper, smaller alternative. Rolling carts are the perfect stackable dorm room furniture to keep by your bed. The Container Store has this sage green cart that I need for my own room. They fit a LOT, and for a reasonable price ($39!). Aside from the storage factor, I love that the cart is on wheels. Once again, move in day just got a little less strenuous. 

6. Storage Bins For Clothing

<img src="clothes.jpg" alt="">


Maybe I overpack, but I never have enough room in my wardrobe for clothing. Recently I came across this product, and I’m kicking myself for not buying it earlier. This storage bin eliminates all concerns about not having enough space for your clothes. It seems to fit a lot in each shelf, and the stackable design makes it easy to store. No, these bins are not necessarily “cute” for decor. But who will see them anyway? You can find this product for $18.99 from At Home, with other options on Amazon and Pottery Barn.

7. Shoe Rack

<img src="shoerack.jpg" alt="">

Again, this may not be the most glamorous piece of furniture, but it’s functional. Who wants to track in mud and gunk from frat floors into their room? Not me, that’s for sure. Organize your shoes with this wooden rack from Ikea. This seems like a decent size to fit in a wardrobe, or to tuck under the bed. I love the rustic design and the abundance of empty space. I’ve seen collapsable shoe racks before, too, which you can find at Target. Ikea most likely has some in stock, too—they have everything.


8. Storage Stools

<img src="storage.jpg" alt="">

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As I said before, you’ll need extra seating when you want to entertain. Since actual chairs take up a lot of room, opt for a storage stool instead. In terms of stackable dorm room furniture, storage stools are one of the chicest choices. They’re very elegant, especially for college dorm standards. Plus, look how comfy they are. I could easily take a nap on this one from Cura Home. For extra decor points, spruce up your storage stool with a couple of throw pillows and blankets. When you don’t want them on display, you can simply toss them inside the stool. 


9. Nesting Boxes

<img src="boxes.jpg" alt="">

Nesting boxes are extremely versatile. You can use them to hold anything, though personally, I like to store my desk supplies in them. In the smaller box, I’ll organize my pens, pencils, and other writing utensils. The larger boxes are great for protecting important files; I keep all of my college info in there. Kate Spade makes nesting boxes in a myriad of patterns, like in this subtle splotchy print, block stripes, and bright neon colors. 

10. Snack Bins

<img src="snacks.jpg" alt="">


Protect your snacks in these super secret bins. I hide mine under my bed, in case any of my friends try to steal my Oreos. If you’re REALLY protective over your food (like I am), go with a bin that has a sealable top. That creates yet another obstacle for your hungry friends and roommates. *Evil laugh*. If you don’t get any piece of stackable dorm room furniture on this list, at least consider this one. You’ll regret it when your chips are all gone.

So you see, no dorm room is too small to decorate. All it takes is the right furniture and plenty of storage. But don’t let me tell you how to decorate—map out your dorm on your own time!

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