10 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas So Fun You Need To Try Them

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to get together and festively celebrate with your friends. Enjoy all things, Irish, wear green, and try out some of these St. Patrick’s Day party ideas we’re sure you and your guests will love!

1. Gold Coin Treasure Hunt

This activity is just what it seems! Hide a bunch of gold coins around your place and have your guests compete to find them, the last one who has the most gold coins by the end can win a prize, and if you’re feeling particularly festive, they can take a swig of Guinness instead!

10 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas So Fun You Need To Try Them

2. Irish Dance-Off

This dance-off is sure to have your St. Patrick’s Day party going in the right direction, select two guests to compete in a dance-off to Irish music and have the rest of the guests be the judge. Continue the activity until everyone has competed and there is only one reigning winner left. Gold coins as a prize? Why not!

3. Hot Potato Drinking Game

Sit in a circle with your party guests and have someone play Irish music while tossing a potato around. Follow the classic hot potato rules, when the music stops, the person holding the potato has to take a shot. If drinking’s not your thing, come up with a suitable punishment for your St. Patty’s day guest.

4. Pin the Hat on the Leprechaun

Another party classic! This game, while usually practiced by children and with donkey’s instead of leprechauns, is a great way to get the laughs rolling. Blindfold your St. Patrick’s Day party guest and have them try to pin the hat on the leprechaun, have a prize ready for the winner who gets the hat the closest. A bottle of Guinness perhaps? Or maybe a sack of potatoes. You decide!

5. Gold Coin Poker

What better way to celebrate than with a classic game of poker among friends? Use gold coins instead of poker chips to keep this game a tad more festive and in the holiday spirit.

6. Pub Crawl

No one appreciates a nice cold beer like the Irish. So if you’re able, go out with your friends decked out in your green gear and have a pub crawl to really punch your St. Patrick’s Day party into high gear.

10 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas So Fun You Need To Try Them

7. Beer Tasting

If pub crawls aren’t really your thing, and you want to keep the party localized in one area, then we suggest having a beer tasting instead! Gather up classic Irish beer staples and pair them with some great food. Have your guests sample and judge what you all think is the best. And after you’re feeling a little buzzed, try and pin the hat on the leprechaun again. We’re sure it’ll be more amusing this time.

8. Photo-Booth Props

Nothing is more fun than getting dressed up with your friends for a celebration. Get a pack of holiday photo-booth props that include leprechaun-style top hats, old-school tobacco pipes, glasses, mustaches, pots of gold, the works! Set up a mini station with a bright backdrop for your friends to take photo-booth-style pictures which will be sure to help create a party you’ll never forget!

10 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas So Fun You Need To Try Them

9. Shamrock Shake Game

This game is sure to be entertaining, fill a tissue box full of ping-pong balls and tie it around your guest’s waist. Play some Irish music and have your guests dance, or shake, to get the balls out. The first one to empty their box wins. And perhaps you can treat them to a real shamrock shake afterward! Yum.

10. Lucky Charm Hunt

This activity is both fun and delicious! Fill bowls with lucky charms, and have your guests compete to retrieve one of each of the “charms” out of the container only using the spoon that they must hold in their mouth. Maybe a bit messy, but definitely a good time.

How do you like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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