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10 St. Patrick’s Day DIY Decor Ideas For You To Try

St. Patrick’s Day DIY decor ideas can be hard to come up with. There aren’t as many obvious decorations like there are for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. You can still create a lot of crafts with the color scheme of green and gold and shapes like leprechaun and shamrocks. Here are 10 St. Patrick’s Day DIY decor ideas so you can celebrate with the luck of the Irish.

1.  Mason Jars

Mason jars are easily accessible and now they can match the lucky spirit that’s in the air. Whether you want to paint the jars to resemble little leprechauns or fill them with St. Patrick’s Day treats, these mason jars are not only awesome, easy decorations but they can be the sweet treat at the end of the rainbow.

2. Leprechaun Hat

Are you missing something green for St. Patrick’s Day? If you build this little leprechaun hat, you will not only have an easy decoration for any surface in your room but also, a quick touch of green on St. Patrick’s Day just in case you forget about St. Patrick’s Day and want to avoid those dreaded pinches.

3. Moss Art

You can bring some nature into your decorations when you build this shamrock moss art. Not only does the color match the holiday, but the textures of moss and glitter will add some interest to your walls for more than just this one day. It’s a minimalist design that shows holiday spirit without being too much.

4. Lucky Shamrock Bulletin Board

You can create this double-tasking decoration with only few materials. This project might be made to be on display. But with some sturdier material like cardboard or cork as the backdrop, this project will last even after this lucky holiday has passed. A busy individual like you will find this project to be useful for all the daily reminders or memos you want to display. With this DIY project, you can go through your errands with a little luck.

5. Shamrock Tree

Do you miss Christmas even though December 25 was three months ago? Add some festive cheer to this St. Patrick’s Day by making a shamrock tree. This craft is not only very simple to make but it can help you say good bye to those post-Christmas blues and welcome in spring and all the colorful holidays to come.

6. Shamrock Luck Marquee Sign

Gold isn’t the only shiny accessory in St. Patrick’s Day decorations. This rustic sign is a little more difficult than the other projects since it involves electric lights. But it is still an easy project that you will have no trouble figuring out and making with your own hands. Once you do, your room will sparkle!

7. St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Garland

If you need an easy DIY project that can cover your whole room with lucky vibes, you should definitely give this project a try. This garland only has a few simple step. Once you get the hang of the process, your room will be covered with your St. Patrick’s Day spirit and might bring some luck into your life.

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8. Pot of Gold

Gold isn’t just for the leprechauns and you don’t need to find the end of the rainbow to add some sparkle to your room. This cute, little pot of gold can be easily made and fits right into your room. You will also get a great midnight pick-me-up snack. It’s perfect for your room or as small gifts to give your family and friends to give them a little luck.

9. Shamrock Table Runner

Whether you’re at home with an empty dining table or in your dorm with a bare desk, you can cover that empty surface with a nice shamrock table runner. It is more intricate than the garland but the swirly designs has little more interest to your table. It’s perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day party or just for you.

10. St. Patrick’s Day Yarn Wreath

Your room is covered with St. Patrick’s Day DIY decor ideas. Now you just have one spot left to decorate. Your door needs as much holiday spirit as the inside of the room. This is where you and your guests walk through! If you make this unique wreath made of yarn and coins, you and your guests will be welcome into your room with all the coziness of home and luck of the leprechauns.

Are you going to try to recreate any of these St. Patrick’s Day DIY Decor Ideas? Tell us in the comments.
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