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SR Trends Guide to Creativity

Halloween is all about having fun, hoping to be scared, and flexing your creative muscle. However, Halloween can also be stressful. Some people have it in their head that they aren’t creative. That however is not true. You just need to understand what creativity is, and how to channel it.

With Halloween right around the corner this is the perfect time to reflect on creativity. That’s what this article is all about. Search our site and you will see fun examples of how to build specific costumes. This article is a little different; this isn’t a guide to create a specific costume. It’s a guide to help you unleash your creativity so that you can create your own original kiss ass costume.

Let’s begin by defining what creativity is.

Creativity is a potential that we all possess. It is the courage of self-expression. To create something new and original means to exposure a piece of you to the world.

How does Creativity work?

Creativity is fueled by your emotions. Where reason is based on logic, creativity is all about how you feel. It can’t be logical, because it doesn’t exist yet. The more you are able to tap into your emotions the more creative you will be. Need proof? Just think about where the term tortured artist comes from. Pain is an easy emotion to invoke, and even easier one to be consumed by.

But, this is Halloween…. So relax.

 If you want a creative kick ass costume all you have to do is…

Have fun. I tried to stress this in SR’s Guide to Halloween, and I will try to stress it again. If you really want to create a fun and original costume than joy is the emotion you must invoke.

Why is Creativity important

Creativity is having the courage to show the world a piece of you. Creativity is import, because creativity is taking a chance. Having the courage to put time into something original isn’t easy, so don’t just dismiss it as stupid. You may just be trying to hide because you’re scared the task is too difficult.

Why is it Important to be creative on Halloween?

Halloween is a day of self-expression. It’s a day to be free, and a holiday based around having fun. What better chance to practice being creative than on a day that has no pressure.

Having the courage to express who you are on Halloween can spill over to other facets of your life. Nothing is as simple as only one day. Everything connects. Use Halloween as an exercise in creativity and it may just help you when you need to be creative at work, for a loved one, or solving any kind of problem. This is the perfect time to raise your courage, and begin showing the world who you are.

Plus, Halloween is literally the single most sexually charged night on any college campus. There is always the hope of a little fright in the air, an army of scantily clad co-eds, and everyone is wearing a cheat sheet of how to be approached. By having the confidence to be creative you just might find a new found confidence when talking to a member of the opposite sex.

Rules for being Creative

Start with a topic you truly care about.

You won’t have any fun trying to pick a topic you don’t understand. Do not try to follow some trend just because it’s cool. Create a costume based on an actual interest of yours. Don’t be Edward Cullen, because Breaking Dawn is coming out if you hate Twilight. If you start your creative process around a topic you don’t like or understand you will quickly become frustrated. You will turn this whole exercise into work, and that’s the complete opposite of having fun.

Don’t be afraid of choosing something you care about because you are afraid that it may seem too weird, nerdy, or even “stupid.” Everyone is weird. No matter how obscure something may seem to you, there is someone else who feels the exact same way.

Do not get stuck on the details.

This is especially important if you have a final picture in mind. It’s actually best that you don’t. You may have a very good idea in your head of the final character, or object you wish to be this Halloween, but you need remember your vision of this particular character does not exist yet. You need to try and keep an open mind, because getting stuck on a particular detail will leave you frustrated.  Try to view your ideas not as a final destination, but more of a general direction.

Know that Creativity is a process.

It really is a journey. You need to approach it as such. Creating something original and special takes time. Perhaps not as much when we’re only talking about a Halloween costume, this speaks more to the creative process as a whole. However, the key point to take away is that creativity requires patience.

Take it one step at a time.

See Also

When you first start to create something all you have is the idea of where you want to end up. That end product is no more than a vision in your head. What you are trying to do is bring that idea to life. That’s why I said creativity is a journey; you are creating the path to bring your idea to life.

It’s more important that you focus on crafting a small detail in your vision than just the end product. The more fun you having, the freer and easier it will be to take that next step forward.

Don’t just Visualize, actually try.

It’s great that you may be able to visualize something in your head, but try your ideas out. That’s what it means to take the next step. If you think something will look cool, or you think a particular object might make a perfect piece to your costume then try it out. Things don’t always work out like you envision. However if you try something and you realize it doesn’t work, you may just find out why. Any exercise in creativity is not an instant success, its trial and error.

No idea is wrong.

We tend to think that to find the solution we have to dwell on the problem. That’s how we get stuck. We keep looking at a problem from the same angle. Don’t be afraid to just let your mind wander. You might come up with some pretty obscure ideas. Do not instantly dismiss them. Instead allow your mind to wander and you might suddenly realize a connection back to where you were stuck. Ideas may seem funny, or dumb, but there’s probably a reason you thought of them. The only wrong ideas are the ones you dismiss too early.

You are never completely starting from scratch.

Steve Jobs was fond of the expression, “Great artists steal.” That’s because no matter how original or novel your idea may seem, its actually just a recycled, and tweaked version of something else. Don’t ever get discouraged by this. Although you may never be “truly” original you will never have to face the pressure of trying to be.

If you have an idea for a costume that you want to tweak, without completely starting from scratch you can use a premade costume as a template. The best places for those are at Spirit Using our student rate links will help save you 20% off with 10% cash back.

Now go relax, have a little fun, and see if you can tap into your creativity.

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