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10 Spring Wedding Bouquets That Smell And Look Gorgeous

10 Spring Wedding Bouquets That Smell And Look Gorgeous

10 Spring Wedding Bouquets That Smell And Look Gorgeous

If you are in need of a wedding bouquet for your Spring wedding, what better way to decide than by choosing from the flowers that bloom during the season. With all flowers having vibrant colors and unique smells, there become so many to choose from and here is a list to help. These are 10 Spring wedding bouquets that will both small and look gorgeous on your special day!

1. Tulips

This flower is perfect for your spring wedding bouquet, and not only because its name’s meaning is “perfect love”. This flower represents the beginning of spring and can also represent the beginning of your life with a loved one. They come in a variety of colors to choose from, such as light pink or yellow. It’s simple look can give the elegance your wedding deserves.

2. Peonies

Peonies are also a good choice for your spring wedding bouquet. Not only do they bloom during this time, but represent wealth and that’s exactly what you are becoming when marrying the love of your life. These flowers have an extravagant look as well, with layers of petals to represent the dynamics of your spring wedding.

10 Spring Wedding Bouquets That Smell And Look Gorgeous

3. Hyacinths

The Hyacinth is one of the strongest smelling out of all these spring flowers, which makes it perfect for you spring wedding bouquet. You’ll be fragrant while walking down the aisle and smell nothing of beauty while holding a group of these beauties. Also, each color tends to have a different smell which will only add to the beauty of your bouquet.

4. Azaleas

This spring flower tends to be very delicate, which may seem like a problem when throwing it up in the air for the next woman to catch—but their beauty while walking down the aisle will be completely worth it. Besides, you only throw it after you have shown it off in your own hands. It’s alright if they’re a little battered when thrown to the next person.

5. Daffodil

The daffodil is a flower that opens up in the middle, representing new beginnings. This is ideal for your spring wedding bouquet, since that’s exactly what you are celebrating.

10 Spring Wedding Bouquets That Smell And Look Gorgeous

6. Pansy

A pansy is a spring flower that has vivid colors in every single one. It has the meaning of loving one another, which also represents your spring wedding. They come in colors of purple, yellow and sometimes both on one flower. You don’t have to choose only one when it comes to Pansies, you can have it all.

7. Primrose

The primrose is light, delicate and representing of young love. Don’t let this flower fool you, just as young love can last, so can these. They would make an excellent addition to your spring wedding bouquet, especially in addition to other flowers. The primrose can make a great sidekick to other, more prevalent flowers.

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8. Bluebell

Bluebells are exactly as they sound. They hang down like small little bells when sitting in your spring wedding bouquet. They stand out amongst the others due to this unique look—making you family and friends awe in admiration. Not only do they come in blue, but colors of yellow, white and pink as well.

10 Spring Wedding Bouquets That Smell And Look Gorgeous

9. Lilac

Lilacs, which are usually put on necklaces and given as graduation gifts, hold the meaning of a celebration. Your spring wedding bouquet will say exactly that with these flowers tucked inside. They may be small, but they will make a big statement on your wedding day.

10. Iris

Traditionally coming in a dark violet, these flowers represent so many positive qualities. When placed in your spring wedding bouquet, they will have a lot to say and not just because of their bold color. They represent royalty and wisdom, along with other fitting characteristics that match your beautiful wedding.

10 Spring Wedding Bouquets That Smell And Look Gorgeous

What flowers are you thinking to use for you spring wedding bouquet? Tell us in the comments below!

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