Spring Rush: How To Prepare For Recruitment

As spring semester of university approaches rapidly, women nation-wide are preparing to recruit – or be recruited. Each sorority recruitment is unique, with a range of peppy anthems, extensive house decor and coordinated outfits. No matter what your spring recruitment may be, here are a few tried and tested tips to prepare.

1. Be yourself

Cliche? Maybe. Even so, being authentically you is the most valuable thing you can bring into sorority recruitment. Each sorority on your campus is unique, and you’re likely to find one that is suited to you. Avoid attempting to fit in, because ultimately you’ll enjoy whatever house you feel most comfortable in.

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2. Plan, plan, and plan some more

If you can be certain about one thing during recruitment, it’s that you won’t have lots of free time. Avoid excess stress and crank out homework in advance, so you can leave your weekend free to focus on recruitment.

Choose your outfits at least a day before to prevent any laundry conundrums or last-minute style panic. For recruiters, make sure you have your outfits a few weeks in advance. The last thing you want to worry about is last-minute shopping sprees.

Spring Rush: How To Prepare For Recruitment

3. Be on time

Depending on your school, being late to recruitment could cause you to miss out on a house or on a round altogether. Wake up thirty minutes earlier than you need in case of any hiccups to your morning, whether it be uneven winged eyeliner or a spilled latte.

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4. Put some prep in your step

Smelly breath? Runny mascara? Shiny forehead? Pack a bag with all your essentials. Grab your makeup pouch, some snacks and a phone charger. Recruitment rounds can take all day, and you don’t want to retrospectively realize you under packed. If you didn’t follow step two, pack your homework essentials and grind during breaks.

Spring Rush: How To Prepare For Recruitment

5. Catch some extra z’s

No matter your role during recruitment, you’re sure to be exhausted by the end of the day. Avoid any unnecessary tiredness by hitting your mattress extra early. Beauty sleep never hurt!

Spring Rush: How To Prepare For Recruitment

6. Amp up your anti-illness routine

Whether you prefer Emergen-C packets or popping a few extra vitamins, do your best to stay sickness-free during recruitment. Countless handshakes and close conversations means germs are easily spread, so pack some hand sanitizer and clean up between rounds.

7. Ditch the jitters

Guess what? Both recruiters and potential new members are nervous. Meeting new people can be anxiety-producing, especially when these strangers may become your future sisters. Recruiters, remember that these women want to learn about your house and are excited to meet you! Recruitees, don’t forget that these sorority members want you to like them as much as you want them to like you. Take a deep breath, and remember the nerves go both ways.

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8. Go with your gut

If you’re being recruited, do your best to go through rush without discussing your favorites with roommates or best friends. Each person has a different recruitment experience, and comparing yours to others is like apples to oranges. Generally, it’s a good sign if you don’t want to leave a house. Listen to your intuition!

9. Ignore the stereotypes

Spring rush can be especially daunting after a semester of hearing rumors or stereotypes about sororities. Whether it’s recruitment in general, or a particular house, walk into each sorority with an open mind. You’d be surprised to find that most of the time stereotypes are just that, stereotypes.

10. Trust the process

Last, but not least, remember that recruitment is designed to find you the right sorority. Don’t doubt yourself! Even if you are disappointed at times, most people ultimately end up where they belong.

Spring Rush: How To Prepare For Recruitment

Have any more recruitment tips and tricks? Tell us yours in the comments below!
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