10 Spring Pants Trends To Add To Your Wardrobe

Spring is a season loved by all fashion fanatics; a hub for creative expression, unstoppable colours and an excuse to wear the same mini dress in a different colour each day. While spring dresses can be a fun and festive tribute to the beginning of a new season, the real excitement begins when all the latest trendy spring pants go on sale. Being a unique add-on to any outfit, pants are the epitome of comfort and cool for this coming spring season. Here are 10 spring pants trends you just have to follow when shopping for your new seasonal wardrobe!

1. Plaid Madness

I think it is a known fact that plaid is one of the most classic old school trends to ever exist; that’s right guys and gals, I’m referring to the flannel collection from my emo phase. Although this is an ongoing trend, plaid pants are being transformed into their wildest forms, from the original wool blend flared styles to the up-and-coming mixed-print plaid trousers. Paired with a simple top and a chain belt, these airy bottoms are sure to turn heads. I guess you can say that “plaid don’t die.”

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2. Classy Cords

No, I’m not talking about the “technology” kind, I’m talking corduroy. From top to bottom, cords are another iconic staple to add to your collection of spring pants trends, especially if you have a special place in your heart for vintage. Now coming in an array of bold colours, these pants also make a bold statement, wherever, whenever. The wide leg flared cords are a classy favourite, perfect for a cool spring night out.

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3. Nude and Naked

One of the easiest spring pants trends is to incorporate nude pants into your everyday outfits. Nude pants are a simple yet sophisticated way to vamp up any look, coming in a variety of different materials such as silk, cotton and even patent leather, this new naked neutral is sure to cause a scene. A unique twist to the basic khakis, nude pants are coming in clutch this spring season, in a range of different shapes and sizes, fit for any style!

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4. Shorts That Go The Great Length

Call them capris but don’t call them out of style. Knee length shorts are making a comeback. Inspired by the late 80s and 90s, this is one of the most badass spring pants trends. From leather biker shorts to flimsy loose fitted knee length capris, these are easily a spring time lifesaver. Just throw on a mini tank top on top and you’re on your way down the runway.

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5. Prints From The Wildlife

Snakeskin, leopard or cheetah, saying that these prints are “in” these days is an understatement. You’ve seen them on shoes, and now they’re on pants, making it the ultimate bold spring look. This is one of the most outstanding spring pants trends, and it’s making its way to the next level, showcasing the prints in various daring colours like red and green. Let out your inner animal and go get yourself a pair!

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6. Textile Collage

This is definitely one of the more fearless spring pants trends: mismatched patchwork pants, or as we like to call it, a “textile collage.” Fabricated with a variety of materials such as denim, flannel, and silk, these pants really are the definition of “the best of all worlds.” Coming in all styles and lengths, you can pair them up with a tube top, a basic white tee or even a plain sweater for a chilly spring night.

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7. Double Denim Trouble

Making its mark in two-tone denim, these jeans are the definition of double trouble. Spring or fall, these jeans are a go-to for any season. The best part is that they come in so many different versions, from shorts to skirts and long loose legged jeans. Perfect for any occasion, brunch with some friends or picnic by the lake, duo denims are calling for you.

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8. Total Utilitarian

Now, if you’re a cargo pants enthusiast you’re going to love this next trend. A modern twist to khakis and cargos, these beauties are known as utility pants. The ultimate joy for streetwear fashionistas, these pants are coming in the most peculiar styles; undone laces, flared edge flaps, rolled up bottoms or built in chain belts, they give every outfit a quirky edge. We are living for that thrill!

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9. Checkmate

Another streetwear essential, checkered print pants are one of the most iconic pieces in everyday fashion. The striking black and white pattern will never fail to initiate a double take, and their versatility is surely to die for. Whether you match it up with a checkered top, a blazer or even a casual hoodie, this business girl chic trend is a definite must add for your wardrobe.

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10. Tie Up Those Bellbottoms

The last of the spring pants trends is the iconic boho bellbottoms, but of course, there’s a quirk to these ones as well. A combination of loose-fit tie up trousers and the classic 80’s bellbottoms, these pants are ideal for a spring music festival, night out with the girls or simply for day-to-day wear. Let’s not forget that they incorporate a wide variety of unique styles and prints, making them the perfect statement piece for any spring look.

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Now that you know what to look for when shopping for your new spring wardrobe, which one of these spring pants trends will you try out first?

Featured Image Source: https://www.whowhatwear.com/fashion-trends-spring-2019
Iffat Hasan

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