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26 Spring Outfits You Need To Copy Right Now

The warmer months are finally arriving and there’s so many Spring outfits you need to copy right now!  With the emergence of Spring comes bright colors and bold looks, your favorite pastels, soft chiffon and satin, and a whole bunch of new trends. So make room in your closet and in your wallet and get ready to dive into all the newest trends. Whether you’re a rocker chic that loves denim and patches, a girly girl that prefers floral and pastels, or a trendsetter who loves trying new styles, we have all the Spring outfits that you need to copy right now!

1. The Classic Denim Skirt

Denim mini skirts have slowly climbed their way back to the top, and this Spring they are everywhere! Whether you prefer yours with buttons, like a high waist or enjoy the distressed look, denim mini skirts are super versatile can be dressed up or down.


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2. The Striped T-Shirt Dress

Striped t-shirt dresses are great for two reasons: they are super comfortable and flowy in case you start to get sticky under the sun, and they can be paired with basically anything in your closet. A utility jacket and a pair of tennis shoes create the perfect casual look.


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3. Bring On The White

Is it finally acceptable to wear white again? White skinny jeans signify the beginning of Spring. Pair your white skinnies with some soft neutrals or pastels and top it off with your favorite pair of flats or heels to dress it up!


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4. Sporty Chic

If you’re a sporty chic that likes to get down and dirty but sometimes wants to look pretty for once, you can! Pick a girly color such as light pink and rough it up with some converse and flannel tied around your waist! This combo is the best of both worlds!

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5. The Perfect Combo

Like I said, stripes are your best friend. They literally look good on everyone and with everything. A super popular combo is layering a denim jacket over your striped dress or t-shirt. Perfect for that Spring Weather!


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6. The Perfect Easter Look

Your Easter outfit is important for a few reasons. You need to be trendy enough to impress your family and that annoying cousin that always steals your looks, but you also need to be conservative enough not to offend anyone. The perfect solution is high waisted trousers with a form-fitting shirt tucked in! A timeless look that everyone will love, even grandma.


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7. Chambray Shirts

These denim inspired shirts are all the rage this season. With so many different styles of chambray shirts, you’re bound to have dozens in your closet (if you can’t contain your spending like me).


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8. Pair Your Pastels With Floral

April showers bring May flowers… And those flowers belong on your scarf. The floral pattern is always a popular choice that you can’t go wrong with. Dress up one of your outfits with a cute floral scarf and a tote bag.


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9. Don’t Pack Those Flannels Away Just Yet!

If you thought flannel season was over, you were wrong. The weather is sometimes still questionable enough to need an extra layer or two sometimes. So whether your flannel is made of heavy material or pretty lightweight, you can still make great use out of it this Spring season.


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10. The Cool Girl

This look is for that cool girl that doesn’t try too hard on her outfits but always seems to nail it. Pair a mock neck top with some roughed up skinny jeans and boots of matching color to elongate those legs.

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11. Show Off That Spring Glow With A Satin Cami

Satin camisoles made a comeback this year for spring outfits, and they’re not going anywhere any time soon. A trendy look is to pair your cami with high waisted jeans and a few delicate, perfectly placed necklaces to accentuate those collar bones. Work it, girl.


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12. Layer That Cami Over a T-shirt

If it’s too cold to wear your satin cami by itself, try layering it over a t-shirt. This super casual outfit is very easy to accomplish but still looks trendy and stylish.


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13. All Black Works For Every Season

If 95% of your wardrobe is all black like mine, don’t panic. Yes, Spring is all about bright colors, sunshine and happiness, blah, blah, blah, but if you prefer all black (especially when going out at night) these looks are perfect for spring outfits.

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14. Yeezy Inspired

Yeezy Season 2 brought us more neutrals and nudes than we could ask for. It’s all about monochrome form-fitting pieces and simplicity with this look.

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15. Bermuda Shorts Are Back!

…And this time, they’re super distressed. And I think we have Khloe K to thank for this look. She took Bermuda shorts and made them sexy again. Pair them with a crop top and some heels to look rocker glam. I promise you won’t look like a little girl this time around.


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16. The Hipster Look Is Always In Season

Calling all hipsters! Rock band t-shirts and oversized frames are the look right now for spring outfits. Throw your hair in a messy bun and you’re good to go.


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17. Bring On The Patches

Those patches we all loved from the ’90s are back! And people are plopping them all over their clothes! A super cool look is to throw a bunch on your jeans or your denim cut-offs. Everyone will be asking where you got them.


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18. The Athleisure Look

Do you love wearing workout clothes even though you don’t work out? Well, it’s totally okay because the athleisure look is so in right now. Just pair some trendy sneakers with a windbreaker and leggings and you’re all set to conquer the day.

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19. The Minimalist Outfit

If you prefer to put to zero thought in your outfit, but still like to stay comfy and trendy, try one of these not so basic, basic outfits.

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20. Add Block Heels To Your Wardrobe

Block heels are a thing this season, and with so many styles and colors to choose from, now we can see why! Not to mention, they’re super comfortable because they’re so much more supportive than those stilettos!


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21. Camo Print Anything

No you’re not on a safari, and yes I can see your legs. People may have been making fun of camo print for a little while, but regardless, it’s a bad-ass print and you’ll look like a bad-ass when you wear it with any spring outfits.


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22. The Floral Babe

There’s nothing prettier than a long maxi dress in the springtime with a classic floral pattern. Maxi dresses are perfect because they’re long enough to keep you warm and light enough to keep you cool in the constantly changing spring weather!


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23. The Denim Dress

Who doesn’t love a good denim dress? Denim works all year round, so incorporate it into your spring wardrobe with a casual button down dress, perfect for lunch dates or running errands all day!

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24. Add A Cardigan

Adding a cardigan to any simple “jeans and t-shirt” look can pull the whole outfit together! Also, an additional layer might be necessary for those cooler days in early Spring!

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25. Top It Off

…With a hat. Hats are the perfect complement to any springtime outfit! Fedoras, floppy hats, wide brim hats, etc., can instantly add a unique look to your outfit while making it totally instagrammable.

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26. Your Most Versatile Wardrobe Piece

The maxi skirt is a great wardrobe stable piece because it works all year round! Lighter shades and pastels make it a great springtime addition for that girly touch on any outfit! You can also add a leather jacket to give more of an edgy vibe if “girly” isn’t exactly your thing.


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